“I Bought The Most Expensive Pencils In The World” Handmade from Japanese Wood Master Shiheki Miyamoto

In the realm of everyday objects, few would expect a pencil to hold a world of wonder. Yet, when crafted by the hands of Japanese wood master Shiheki Miyamoto, what seems mundane transforms into a mesmerizing masterpiece.

Dive into the story of these handcrafted pencils, where every detail whispers tales of dedication and artistry.

Meticulous Craftsmanship

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Shiheki Miyamoto, a highly skilled Japanese wood master, has gained recognition for his meticulous craftsmanship. The video highlights his expertise as the pencils are presented with awe-inspiring precision. Each pencil is meticulously handcrafted, showcasing the artist’s dedication to his craft.

“The workmanship on these is insane. They’re from Japanese wood master Shiheki Miyamoto, everything is handmade,”

Miyamoto’s handmade pencils exemplify the perfect marriage of functionality and artistic beauty. Crafted using various types of wood sourced from Japan, each pencil is a unique piece of art.

The video showcases a particular pencil from Guinea, drawing attention with its vibrant, bright red color.

“The thought and design that went into this is crazy,” the TikTok creator remarks.

Noteworthy Features

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What sets these extraordinary pencils apart is the sensory experience they provide. As the pencils are sharpened, they release a distinctive scent that corresponds to the wood’s origin.

“When you sharpen these,it releases a scent,and you can smell where each pencil is from.”

Miyamoto’s attention to detail is evident not only in the pencils’ construction but also in their design. The video highlights a unique feature—an ergonomic notch that allows for easy and precise handling of the pencils without smudging or damaging the lead.

As the tiktok video uploader demonstrates,

“When you go to grab them, instead of grabbing them like this, it has this little notch right here where you can actually press down and easily pick up the pencils without messing them up.”

The extraordinary craftsmanship of Miyamoto’s handmade pencils has sparked admiration and fascination among viewers. A user comment extracted from the video captures one artist’s exhilaration, humorously expressing,

“My toxic trait is thinking my hand is worthy of using these pencils”

While some voiced their admiration, another commenter remarked, “That’s very cool but not by far the most expensive pencils. Graf von faber Castel has a pencil set for 520 for example” implying a difference in opinion regarding the $120 cost of the pencil.

Artistic Impact of the Bosco Wood Pencil

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Image Credit: londondeposit/Deposit Photos.

According to pencilsandotherthings.com, the Bosco Wood Pencil is a unique and highly regarded writing instrument. It is a limited edition set made from beautiful woods sourced from around the world. The pencils have a pleasant fragrance and feature sharp hexagonal edges for a comfortable grip.

Users love the smooth and soft writing experience they offer. While they can be a bit challenging to sharpen by hand due to the wood’s stiffness, the Bosco Wood Pencil showcases exceptional craftsmanship.

Overall, it’s a special and desirable pencil that combines aesthetics, sensory pleasure, and expert craftsmanship.

Testing the Pencils

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Here is video showing a user testing these amazing pencils:

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