‘My whole life was a lie’ People Discover They Can Easily Open Annoying Packages by ‘Squeezing’

In the modern era, we often find ourselves wrestling with annoying packages, trying to pry open plastic cases that defy all access attempts.

However, a recent revelation by a social media user has shed light on a potentially more straightforward method to tackle these pesky packages without the need for heavy-duty scissors or risking injury with a knife.

A Viral Sensation

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The information comes from a social media creator who shares surprising facts and discoveries. In a recent video that has garnered over 2.2 million views since its upload, the creator shares a newfound knowledge that has left many in disbelief: “You can squeeze these annoying packages to open them!”

In the video, the creator embarks on a mission to find an annoying package in his vicinity, eventually finding a Master Lock encased in a stubborn plastic package. What follows is a demonstration of sheer determination and perhaps a hint of frustration as he squeezes the package furiously.

After a few moments that seemed futile, a corner of the package came loose, allowing him to peel the two sides apart, thus proving the effectiveness of the hack.

Mixed Reactions from the Audience

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Like any viral sensation, the video has sparked a flurry of comments from viewers sharing their thoughts and experiences with similar packaging woes.

One viewer humorously noted the vicious cycle of needing scissors to open packages containing… more scissors. Another argued that the squeezing method takes longer than simply cutting it open.

The discussion also explored the dangers of using scissors or a knife to open such packages, with one individual recalling numerous instances of slicing their hands while attempting to cut open these stubborn packages.

Another exaggeratedly said, “My whole life was a lie,” about just now finding out this hack.

A Challenge to the Packaging Industry?

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While some viewers were skeptical about the effectiveness of this method, with one vehemently disagreeing based on personal experiences of unsuccessful attempts, others were encouraged to try it out for themselves.

One viewer even intended to purchase something to try this package opening method.

This viral video brought a potential solution to a common problem and highlighted many frustrations with current packaging methods.

It calls manufacturers to reconsider their packaging designs, possibly steering towards more user-friendly options.

Other Ways To Open A Clamshell Plastic Packaging

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Opening clamshell packaging can often be a frustrating experience due to its rigid nature, which, while beneficial for manufacturers, can be a nightmare for consumers. However, there are several methods to tackle this packaging effectively:

1. Using a Can Opener

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A household can opener can be a lifesaver when it comes to opening clamshell packaging. Initially, you might be skeptical about its effectiveness, but once tried, it proves to be a simple yet ingenious solution, turning what could be a frustrating task into a breeze.

2. Makita 12V Max Multi-Cutter

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This tool stands as a powerful ally in your battle against clamshell packages. Its spinning angular blade can cut through almost any material, making the opening process smooth and hassle-free. It’s a reliable tool that guarantees satisfaction with every use, pleasing you with the results.

3. Metal Shears or Aviation Snips

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These tools are adept at tackling clamshell packaging, allowing you to work around the outer edge and pop open the middle without creating a mess or sustaining injuries. It’s a method that has proven its efficiency repeatedly, offering a clean and safe way to open packages.

4. Utility Knife

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This method, albeit risky, can be effective if handled cautiously. It involves using a utility knife to trace the contour of the item inside the packaging. Maintaining focus and ensuring the blade is well-controlled to prevent accidents is essential, making it a method reserved for those who can exercise good judgment.

5. Pocket Knife

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This should be your last resort due to the potential risk of injury. If you opt for this method, using a sharp knife and following safety guidelines meticulously is crucial. The technique involves inserting the knife point-first but parallel to the flat side of the packaging, working it around while keeping the blade moving away from you, eventually allowing you to peel open the packaging and access the contents safely.

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