‘Sir, I’ve been a bartender for about 2 hours’: New Bartender Admits She’s Not Familiar with Margaritas, Customer Leaves No Tip

Ever thought a margarita could stir more than just ice? A rookie bartender’s amusing blunder in a quaint town reveals the unexpected challenges of diving into new waters.

How does one navigate the cocktail of inexperience and public expectation?

The Incident

Image Credit: Tiktok/outdoorgoofin.

In a video uploaded to TikTok, the user shares an amusing anecdote from her brief stint as a bartender in a small town of 2,000 residents.

On her very first day, she found herself in a mixological dilemma. A customer walked in, requesting a margarita. Uncertain of the drink’s ingredients, she humorously recounts her inability to fulfill the request.

In the video, she replicates the interaction, “The other day a man walked in and said, ‘Hey, can I get a margarita,’ and I said, ‘Ahhhh, I don’t think so,’” she narrates, mimicking her own uncertainty.

The customer’s confusion is palpable as he exclaims, ‘What?’ To which she honestly responds, ‘I don’t know how to make that.’ The man is evidently caught off guard by her candid admission.

She continues to recount, “He was taken so far off guard. I said, ‘Sir, I’ve been a bartender for about two hours and I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t know how to make that.’”

Her tale humorously highlights the unexpected and sometimes awkward situations when venturing into unfamiliar professional territories.

Public Reaction & Support

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In the comments section, numerous bartenders collectively offer a simple solution for unfamiliar drink recipes – Google it.

“I’m a bartender in a dive bar and if I don’t know I Google it,” a commenter candidly shares. “I don’t even care. you’ll get there love.” Their words radiate encouragement and a carefree attitude towards the need for occasional online assistance.

Another user echoes this sentiment, stating, “Google is my best friend as a bartender,” highlighting the search engine’s role in aiding their bartending skills.

One viewer chimes in with similar advice and an encouraging nudge: “Friend don’t be afraid of googling on the job, get your tip!!”

In addition to these practical suggestions, some viewers empathize with the poster situation. They share their willingness to assist in such a scenario or appreciation for her straightforward honesty.

“I’ve been in this exact scenario but I just told the bartender what goes in a marg lol,” a commenter reminisces about their own experience, signifying their readiness to lend a helping hand.

A different user voices their support, stating, “I would have tipped you for being honest,” and adding a humorous twist, “But I also would have asked if you wanted to learn and googled it. Lol.”

This array of responses, from helpful tips to empathetic stories, enriches the community’s feelings in the comments section, making it a space for sharing, learning, and laughing.

The Foundations of Bartending

making drinks dp185260276
Image Credit: VitalikRadko/DepositPhotos.

Bartending is an intricate art that delves much deeper than just mixing drinks. It demands a profound understanding of ingredients, the history behind cocktails, and the diverse preferences of patrons.

The International Bartenders Association (IBA) has curated an official list of 77 drinks ¹, which are viewed as the classic originals across the globe. These foundational drinks are essential for every bartender, but they can often be adapted based on regional variations and individual flair.

A true professional in the bartending world is expected to be familiar with these 77 drinks. However, the reality is that many establishments might not serve all of them, given the complexity or rarity of certain ingredients.

For instance, while the margarita, with its three primary ingredients, is universally recognized and loved, some cocktails on the list can pose challenges, especially during busy hours or in bars with limited supplies.

The Art of Crafting a Cocktail

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Image Credit: Fesenko/DepositPhotos.

Ingredients are the heart and soul of any cocktail. Staples like basil, mint, and citrus fruits can elevate a drink, infusing it with a refreshing twist or a zesty kick.

Techniques, such as the inclusion of egg whites, can introduce a unique texture, creating a frothy layer atop certain beverages. Also, essences like grenadine and a variety of liqueurs introduce distinct flavors and hues to the concoction.

In bartending, creativity reigns supreme. Beyond the standard list of drinks, the true magic often emerges from improvisation and innovation. With a solid grasp of the basic drinks and ingredients, bartenders have the freedom to craft novel cocktails, offering patrons new and delightful experiences.

In essence, bartending isn’t just about memorizing a list of drinks. It’s about comprehending the core of each ingredient, the tales of cocktails past, and the skill of creating a lasting impression on patrons.

Whether a seasoned mixologist or a newcomer like our TikTok’er, there’s always an opportunity to learn, evolve, and enchant customers with one’s mixology prowess.

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