New Controversial Travel Hack: Passengers Use Foot Trick to Keep Bags Under Weight Limit on Luggage Scales

Recently, a new travel hack has emerged where individuals place their toes under luggage scales to manipulate the weight readings and avoid excess baggage fees.

This trick has garnered much attention online, with many trying it out for themselves.

Toe-Hold Trick

The toe-hold luggage weight trick was brought to light by the user, who posted a 16-second clip demonstrating the method. He uses his foot to prop up the luggage scale while his bags are being weighed.

The video’s text overlay read, “Kinda surprised this worked,” with an additional note stating that the “baggage lady was cool about it,” implying that the airport staff knew the man’s tactics.

@bed.sweater the baggage lady was cool about it
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Public Reaction: A Divided Opinion

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The video has been viewed over 3 million times, sparking a heated debate among viewers.

While some praised the individual for his cleverness, confessing to having used the same trick successfully, others criticized the action, accusing him of endangering the lives of airport staff and fellow passengers.

One person admitted, “I do this all the time. It works,” while another confessed,

“As someone who flew for years for work… I did this every week.”

However, there were also voices of dissent, with one user stating,

“This is dangerous, especially on small planes where weight and balance is a factor.”

Safety Concerns Raised by Critics

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Critics argue that this trick harms airline employees, as overweight baggage must be tagged for team lifting to prevent injuries during loading.

Another concern raised was the potential imbalance it could cause on the plane, with one user noting,

“They have scales in the floor to balance the plane, the reason for [your bags being weighed] before you get on is because [of] the workers that have to load them.”

Moreover, some users vehemently opposed the trick, with comments like:

“This is foolish. I do not recommend doing this” and “Nice to know that you could potentially be the reason for a plane to go down.”

The Creator’s Response to the Backlash

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Teddy Stavropoulos, the individual featured in the video, recently spoke with Business Insider regarding the backlash the video has received.

He believes that people should be more overreacting to the band’s simple travel hack. Stavropoulos stated,

“We think it’s crazy how 1,000 people gave their ‘expert’ opinions on the weight distributions of commercial planes.”

He further argued that the difference between 49 and 54 pounds is insignificant enough to cause a plane crash.

The Implications of Overweight Bags on Airline Safety

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Overweight bags, typically exceeding a pre-set limit established by airlines, can pose several risks to the baggage handlers and potentially affect the flight’s safety. Airlines have set weight limits to prevent injuries to baggage handlers and to discourage passengers from packing bags beyond the approved weight.

A single overweight bag may not directly cause a crash. Still, the cumulative weight of several overweight bags and passengers can lead to instability and crashes, especially in smaller planes where individual weight makes a significant difference.

The Importance of Weight Distribution in Flight Safety

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Airlines meticulously track the weight of checked bags but need more information on the weight of unchecked luggage and passengers. They rely on regulatory assumptions that average out in a typical passenger load.

However, in exceptional cases, like a flight carrying a group of significantly heavier individuals, these averages may not apply, necessitating other methods to estimate the actual payload weight.

It is common in small planes for pilots to personally supervise seat allocation based on passengers’ reported or measured weight and to distribute bags to achieve acceptable balance, ensuring flight safety.

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