New Viral Trend: “Boy Moms”

In the realm of TikTok trends, a fresh phenomenon known as “boy moms” has surfaced. However, beneath the surface of this trend lies a deeper conversation.

These mothers of sons use the platform to highlight their endeavors in teaching their boys how to cook.

While this may appear harmless initially, the way it’s being presented has ignited a contentious discussion about gender roles and relationships.

The Trend that Sparks Debate

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The controversy began when social media user Laura Elizabeth Graham shared a video of herself and her young son cooking in the kitchen.

The text overlay read,

“Making sure my son can cook so he’s not impressed by your daughter’s [Stouffer’s] lasagna.”

In the caption, she added that her son would need a “home-cooked meal” from his future wife. Graham’s video set off a chain reaction of other “boy moms” sharing similar content, each with their own take on why they were teaching their sons to cook.

Pushback & Criticism Online

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While some embraced the trend as a way to ensure their sons had essential life skills, others saw it differently. Many mothers of sons criticized the movement as “toxic” and a breeding ground for concerning attitudes.

One mother voiced her concerns, stating that she was teaching her son to cook so that he could fend for himself, rather than expecting a future partner to do so.

Others emphasized that cooking is a fundamental skill, not a tool to belittle or undermine women. They argued that it’s essential for boys to learn to cook to become self-sufficient adults.

Challenging Gender Norms

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Psychologist and mother Amber Wardell weighed in, emphasizing the importance of teaching sons to cook to foster equality in relationships.

She stated,

“I’m teaching my son to cook so that he will show up for his future wife as though she’s his partner and not his servant.”

This sentiment highlights the broader issue at hand: the need to challenge traditional gender roles and expectations within relationships.

The “boy mom” trend has sparked a spirited debate about parenting, gender roles, and relationships. While teaching sons to cook is undeniably a valuable life skill, the motivation behind it matters greatly.

Instead of perpetuating outdated stereotypes and belittling women’s abilities, parents should focus on raising future partners who are capable of sharing responsibilities and treating their significant others as equals.

Teaching boys to cook should foster self-sufficiency, independence, and a sense of partnership in their future relationships.

Ultimately, how we raise our children today can shape the relationships of tomorrow, and it’s crucial to prioritize respect, equality, and shared responsibilities.

Importance Of Teaching Your Child To Cook: Psychology discussion

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The research findings highlighted the significant positive impact of early cooking skills (CS) acquisition on various aspects of individuals’ lives, including their cooking and food skills, cooking practices, cooking attitudes, diet quality, and overall health.

Learning CS as a child or teenager was particularly beneficial and correlated with better outcomes in these areas.

Key Takeaways from the Study

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  • Child and teen learners displayed greater confidence, proficiency in cooking and food skills, and more positive cooking attitudes.
  • Most participants’ primary source of learning was their mothers, and those who learned exclusively from their mothers exhibited superior outcomes in numerous measures.
  • Learning cooking early in life can positively influence health, cooking behaviors, and food sustainability.

Given the decline in home cooking, it is recommended to implement high-quality, practical cooking education at a younger age to preserve knowledge transfer from generation to generation.

Cooking Interventions

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Furthermore, cooking interventions were found to have positive psychosocial outcomes, likely attributed to several factors:

  • Cooking involves various skills that challenge executive function, contributing to improved mental well-being.
  • Cooking interventions may evoke positive memories and serve as a form of reminiscence therapy, especially valuable for individuals with dementia.
  • Engaging in cooking provides repeated opportunities for skill mastery, boosting self-efficacy and self-esteem and improving psychological well-being.
  • Improvements in nutritional status resulting from cooking engagement may positively affect mood and overall emotional well-being.

These findings underscore the multifaceted benefits of cooking skills acquisition, not only for individuals’ physical health but also for their mental and emotional well-being.

Encouraging and facilitating cooking education, particularly at a young age, can have far-reaching positive effects on individuals and communities, enhancing their overall quality of life.

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