‘No Tip, No Trip’ DoorDash Driver Agrees To Deliver Tip-less Order, But Says It’s the Last Time

A recent viral video has brought attention to the difficulties encountered by delivery drivers, mainly when they accept orders without tips.

The video, gaining significant traction, features a DoorDash driver who decided to take on a tipless order from Little Caesars, exposing the various obstacles they encountered during the delivery process.

This video highlights the challenges delivery drivers face in their line of work when gratuities are absent.

Taking a Gamble on a Tipless Order

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In the viral TikTok clip, a DoorDash driver, known by the handle @austinsidehustle, narrates his experience of accepting a tipless Little Caesars order worth $250. He says,

The driver’s optimism shines through as he trusts the unwritten code of tipping, especially for pizza deliveries.

He confidently states,

“I took a chance because it was pizza. Mutual respect: everybody tips the pizza delivery boy.”

Challenges Faced During the Delivery

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However, the driver’s hope for a cash tip was in vain. Not only did he not receive a tip, but he also encountered other issues during the delivery.

The customer had left specific instructions to call the house for a prompt door greeting.

Unfortunately, the provided phone number was non-functional.

Determined to complete the delivery, the driver knocked on the door and even documented his attempts with photos of him holding the pizzas. He recounts,

“They also left me instructions to call the house so she would meet me at the door. I called, but the phone doesn’t work. Then I went up, knocked on the door … and got no answer. I did my part; I took pictures and everything.”

A Cautionary Tale for Delivery Drivers

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This incident serves as a warning for other delivery drivers. The TikToker advises, “Don’t take no-tip orders. They do not tip afterward, and they’re scum people.” His experience underscores the importance of valuing and respecting service industry workers.

It also reignites the debate over customers’ ethical responsibilities when using service platforms.

Public Reaction and Debate

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The video sparked a flurry of comments and discussions. While one user humorously commented,

“The Little Caesars was a dead giveaway,” another emphasized the importance of tipping with the phrase, “No Tip No Trip, let’s goooooo!”

The debate over tipping also surfaced, with one user stating, “Tip is based on the quality of service.” In response, the DoorDash driver clarified his stance on tipping, explaining that he always tips a minimum amount and adjusts based on the quality of service.

The Broader Perspective on Tipping

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Given the affordability of Little Caesars, one user pointed out,

“People order Little Caesars to have them deliver for a reason. They won’t have enough money left over to tip anyone.”

This comment highlights the broader issue of tipping culture and the expectations customers and service providers set.

“No matter what, I’m till a minimum of $5, [if] the Service is better than I expect, then I pay more, and it goes up also depending [on] how much I spend.”

The Evolution of Tipping Etiquette

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Tipping etiquette, once a straightforward practice, has been confusing in recent years due to the global pandemic and the rise of third-party delivery services.

Customers, accustomed to the standard 20% tip, now face automatic prompts from various retailers to tip for seemingly every service, leading to uncertainty about when and how much to tip.

The proliferation of third-party delivery apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats, which include numerous fees, has left customers feeling less generous towards delivery personnel.

The increased cost of everything, termed as “sticker shock” by Brian Warrener, a food and beverage operations professor, has contributed to this dilemma, making customers hesitant to add a substantial tip to their already inflated bills.

Navigating the New Norms of Tipping

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In these changing times, Warrener suggests a rule of thumb for tipping delivery people: a flat rate between $3 and $5, depending on the cost of the meal and the distance traveled.

This approach acknowledges the financial strain many are experiencing, offering a more manageable way to show appreciation for service providers.

For smaller purchases, where a tip prompt may not seem warranted, customers can generally opt-out, reserving their gratuity for exceptional service or more complex orders.

In this new era of tipping, gratuity should be viewed as a bonus for extra effort and outstanding service, providing some extra cash for those who go above and beyond in their service roles.

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