Olive Garden Server Shares What She Makes In Tips: “Is that with tipshare?”

Prepare to be amazed as we find out the weekend hustle of an Olive Garden server, where the tips flow like a river, and the earnings are anything but ordinary.

Meet Brooklin, a server and bartender who recently spilled the beans on what she makes in tips during a weekend shift.

You will be surprised how the numbers roll up.

A Day In the Life of an Olive Garden Server

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Brooklin’s day begins early, at 10:45 AM. She gears up with essentials: an apron, a money pouch, and a much-needed Starbucks to fuel her through the day.

But before the tip accumulation begins, there’s a quick pit stop at the Olive Garden potato bar. After all, even servers need to refuel. By 3:15 PM, her tip jar had already boasted $130.

The Rollercoaster of Tips

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But here’s where it gets interesting. Brooklin’s shift detours when she switches to bartending at 4 p.m. However, there’s a twist – her tip count drops by $10, thanks to a table that chose to “stiff her.” But Brooklin isn’t one to be easily discouraged.

By her 12-hour shift ends, Brooklin has an impressive $371 in her pocket. She attributes this substantial sum to a particularly generous customer who left a jaw-dropping $124 tip on a $27 tab.

In addition to this windfall, she also earned $41 from the restaurant’s tip pool. The total for her weekend shift? An astounding $412.

Unveiling the Secrets of Tip Share

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The intrigue around Brooklin’s earnings prompted inquiries from viewers on social media. One curious viewer asked, “Is that with tip share?” some say, “A good day when they make over $100.” Brooklin responded quickly, clarifying that her earnings included shares from serving and bartending.

Her goal? An excellent $125 per shift during her regular 5-hour shifts. But as she wisely pointed out, “weekends are where the money’s at!”

The Power of Weekend Tips

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Brooklin’s experience aligns with the industry trend. According to Monster Jobs, the average customer tips 16% daily. However, Sunday mornings between 10 AM and noon stand out as the golden hours, with brunch-goers tipping a generous 20%.

If you were considering giving up that early morning shift, you should reconsider.

But before you start rearranging your schedule, note that not every morning is a goldmine. The same report highlights that breakfast times before noon on other days yield an average of 13% to 14% in tips.

So, choose your shifts wisely.

Tipping Industry In the USA

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People adhere to social norms, understanding that service charges aren’t tips, and tipping reflects service quality and acknowledgment of provided service. Servers are expected to serve, even without expecting a tip.

Tipping in the U.S. is significant, with the restaurant industry generating $26 billion in revenue before tips, increasing to $42 billion with tips. The absence of tipping would disrupt the U.S. economy significantly.

During the 2009 fiscal year, tax tips from industries with tipping norms amounted to 20% of total tax revenue, approximately $42 billion, with the restaurant industry contributing 12.38%.

Tipping has become increasingly customary in the U.S. as more workers rely on tips. In 2023, 41% of Americans consistently tip, while only 4% rarely do.

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