‘OMG! this is hysterical’ Mom Creates Life-Size Poster of Herself for Son’s College Dorm

Sending a child off to college is a significant milestone for any parent. While some parents opt for care packages or heartfelt letters, one mother took a more unconventional approach.

Jill Wagner, a mother from Missouri, decided to send her son Hakin, a freshman at Maryville University, life-size posters of herself and her husband.

This creative gesture has since garnered significant attention online.

The Prank Unveiled

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When Hakin asked his parents for posters to decorate his college dorm room, he probably didn’t expect what came next.

“My son asked for posters for his college dorm room, so I made some of me and his dad!” Jill Wagner said. The first poster featured Hakin’s dad smiling and pointing down at an empty laundry basket, presumably to remind Hakin to do his laundry.

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Public Reaction

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The internet was quick to react to this unique parental gesture. People found the prank amusing and iconic, with comments like “I can’t breathe” and “This is amazing. Love that you did that!!” flooding in.

Another one added, “the cardboard cut out ” and “OMG! this is hysterical ”

Even the grandmother’s role in setting up the cut-out was appreciated, as one woman commented,

“Love how grandma was helping.”

The Son’s Response

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The atmosphere was thick with anticipation as viewers awaited Hakin’s reaction to an unexpected surprise orchestrated by his mother, Jill. In a follow-up video, Hakin is seen entering his college dorm room, only to find a life-size cardboard cut-out of his mother leaning against his bed.

His immediate response is a burst of laughter accompanied by a remark, “That is so embarrassing.” He hastily attempts to hide the cut-out, visibly flustered yet amused. To add to his surprise, he notices a poster of his father placed next to the laundry basket.

“Take that out of there right now,” he instructs his voice a blend of incredulity and amusement. While the situation is undoubtedly embarrassing for Hakin, it also adds a layer of humor and unforgettable memories to his college experience.

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Creating Lasting Memories

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While some may find the prank embarrassing, it’s clear that this will be a memorable college experience for Hakin.

Comments from other parents indicate that they are inspired to try similar pranks on their own kids. One mom commented, “Saving this for when I send my son to school,” and another added, “It’s ten years away, but I cannot wait to do this.”

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