Cat Owner’s Vacation Concerns Eased by Smudge’s Unexpected Reaction

When we leave our homes for a vacation or a short getaway, the well-being of our beloved pets, especially cats, often weighs heavily on our minds.

These feline companions, with their unique personalities and quirks, become deeply embedded in our daily lives. But what happens when we’re not around? Do they pine for us, or do they embrace the solitude?

Smudge’s Relaxed Vacation Time

Owner Takes a Vacation Cats Hilarious Reaction Takes the Internet by Storm
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A video recently surfaced showing 18-year-old Smudge lounging in the grass, grooming herself with one leg in the air. The video’s on-screen text revealed that the owner was concerned about Smudge feeling lonely during her absence.

However, the video, sent by the owner’s sister, confirmed that Smudge was “coping fine.” This laid-back feline seemed to be making the most of her time, basking in the sun and enjoying her solitude.

Tips for Leaving Cats at Home

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When embarking on a vacation and entrusting the care of your beloved feline companions to a cat sitting[1]company, their expert advice can prove to be invaluable:

Pre-departure Preparations

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Before leaving for your trip, it’s essential to create a safe and comfortable environment for your cat. This involves tidying up the house and paying attention to potential hazards like electric wires that might attract your cat’s curiosity.

Ensuring a clean and organized space minimizes the chances of accidents and helps your cat feel at ease during your absence.


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Cats, like humans, can get bored easily, especially when left alone for extended periods. Providing a variety of toys and sources of entertainment is crucial to keeping your feline friend engaged and mentally stimulated.

Whether it’s interactive toys, scratching posts, or puzzle feeders, these items alleviate boredom and contribute to your cat’s overall well-being.

Cat Care

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When planning for your cat’s care while you’re away, consider the best option based on your cat’s personality and needs. Hiring a cat sitter who can provide companionship and maintain your cat’s routine can be a great choice for more social cats.

On the other hand, if your cat prefers a quieter environment, a reputable cattery can offer a safe and supervised space for them to stay.


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Technology can be a helpful tool in ensuring your cat’s well-being while you’re not around. Setting up a camera[2]
allows you to monitor your cat’s activities remotely.

This provides you with peace of mind and enables you to monitor their eating, drinking, and overall behavior. In case any unusual behavior arises, you can take the necessary steps promptly.


cat environment dp165568252
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Cats thrive on familiarity and comfort, so leaving unwashed clothes in their favorite sleeping spot is a clever way to provide a reassuring presence even when you’re away.

The scent of your clothes can provide a sense of security, making your cat feel less lonely in your absence. This simple gesture can help reduce separation anxiety and make your cat’s temporary solitude more manageable.

Varied Reactions from Feline Friends

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While Smudge seemed to enjoy her owner’s absence thoroughly, not all cats react the same way. Some cats exhibit signs of distress or loneliness. For instance, one owner received a video of her two cats engaging in a brawl while she was away.

Another cat strained its neck, trying not to lose sight of its owner leaving for a weekend trip. These varied reactions highlight our feline companions’ unique personalities and emotional responses.

Public Reaction to Smudge’s Video

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The video of Smudge quickly gained traction online, garnering over 278,000 views and 50,000 likes. Many viewers commented on Smudge’s nonchalant attitude.

One user described her as

“an unbothered queen,” while another remarked, “Smudge is just enjoying her summer.”

Another humorous comment read,

“No tan lines for Smudge.” The owner later responded, mentioning that while Smudge was happy to see them upon their return, their other cat, Ruby, gave them the cold shoulder for a day.

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