“Karen” Takes Parking Spot Meant for Expectant Mothers, Telling Pregnant Shopper She’s: “Not Entitled To the Spot”

A recent incident at a local grocery store in Canada has brought attention to the issue of entitlement and the misuse of parking spaces designated for expectant mothers.

The confrontation between a pregnant woman and a middle-aged lady over a parking spot has sparked discussions about respect, empathy, and community intervention.

A Special Parking Spot

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In Canada, many grocery stores designate special parking spaces for expectant mothers.

These spots are conveniently located close to the store entrance, often beside handicapped spaces or cart carrels, making it easier for pregnant women or parents with babies to access the store.

A Clash Over Entitlement

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A pregnant woman, seven months into her term, entered the parking lot of her local grocery store.

She intended to park in one of the expectant mother’s spaces, but a Lexus occupied the spot before she could. Undeterred, she parked a few spaces down and walked into the store.

The confrontation ensued when the driver of the Lexus, a woman in her mid-60s, noticed the visibly pregnant lady. Instead of expressing genuine remorse, she offered a sarcastic apology “Oh I’m so sorry I didn’t realize” and laughed.

Fueled by hormones and a sense of injustice, the pregnant woman responded assertively, pointing out the inappropriateness of parking in a reserved spot.

“You’re obviously not that sorry since you parked in a spot you shouldn’t have!”

A Heated Exchange

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The situation escalated quickly, with the older woman aggressively asserting that the pregnant lady was not entitled to the spot. The confrontation became intense, leaving the expectant mother in tears.

However, things took a turn when bystanders intervened. Several people approached, defending the pregnant woman and admonishing the older lady for her behavior.

One gentleman even labeled her a “Karen,” a term often used to describe entitled individuals, leading her to retreat to her car and leave the scene.

Responding with Sarcasm

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One commenter expressed their inclination towards sarcasm in such situations, suggesting a witty reply:

“OMG, when are you due? Pregnancy is kicking me at my young age, I can only imagine how rough it must be for you…”

Observations on Age & Entitlement

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Another person highlighted the “geriatric pregnancy” concept at 40 and humorously questioned what it would be termed at 60, coining the phrase “palliative pregnancy.”

Accountability & Doubling Down: A Shift In Behavior

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A reflection on the current state of accountability was shared by a person who observed that people, when obviously in the wrong, tend to double down and shift the blame, showcasing a lack of accountability.

Understanding Entitlement: A Psychological Perspective

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Entitlement mentality is characterized by a persistent belief that one deserves more than others. This mentality can lead to disappointment, conflict, and a breakdown in interpersonal relationships.

The older woman’s behavior could be seen as a manifestation of this mentality, leading to a confrontation and distress for the expectant mother.

The Ripple Effect: How Entitlement Creates Hostility

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A study ¹ published by the National Institutes of Health delves into the effects of entitlement on relationships, suggesting that entitled individuals create conflict and hostility by pursuing self-image goals.

This hostility was evident in the parking lot confrontation, where the entitled behavior of one individual escalated the situation and affected not only the primary individuals involved but also the other people who witnessed the situation.

A Strategy Against Inappropriate Entitlement

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Addressing inappropriate entitlement requires thoughtful consideration and a balanced approach. It is important to understand the environment and address entitlement appropriately, which is relevant to creating an inclusive and respectful community, as exemplified by the response of the bystanders at the grocery store.

This incident serves as a vivid example of entitlement clashing with the rights of others. It teaches us the importance of respecting designated spaces, being considerate of the needs of others, and the value of community intervention in addressing inappropriate behavior.

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