“passenger princess”: Shames Woman for Not Helping Man Load Groceries, But It Backfires

In a recent incident in a Costco parking lot, a woman was recorded standing idly by her shopping cart while a man loaded all the groceries into their vehicle.

The video, captured by a user named JP, sparked a debate online as he criticized the woman for not assisting the man, dubbing her a “passenger princess.” Here’s the inside story.

The Video’s Content

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In the video, JP can be heard commenting,

“Passenger princess for sure, she ain’t helping her husband at all. Red flag, homie! Look she ain’t move. I mean, I guess that’s how it’s supposed to be, but come on man.”

He observes the woman, noting that she hasn’t moved an inch, even when the man had bought her flowers. JP further questions,

“She ain’t gonna load one thing? You think she’ll put the basket back?”

Public Reaction

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While JP seemed quite taken aback by the woman’s inaction, the video’s comments section told a different story. Many viewers didn’t see an issue with the woman’s behavior.

One commenter humorously noted, “She’s so nice she kept him company. I go inside with the AC.” Others shared that they have a similar relationship dynamic, where one person shops and the other loads the car. A user mentioned,

“I do all the shopping and he just follows so he can put them in the car.”

Another added,

“My man has me and the kids get in the car and get the AC running. I put it all away when we get home. It’s balance.”

Interestingly, the majority of the comments were in favor of the woman’s actions. One of the top comments, by a user, humorously pointed out that the video didn’t go as JP might have expected, stating,

“Comments not going the way he thought.”

Recognizing Red Flags in Relationships

red flag ss2227151845
Image Credit: hxdbzxy/Shutterstock.

In relationships, red flags can emerge in various contexts, including the division of chores. Some women may exhibit concerning behaviors such as avoiding responsibilities or consistently shifting their tasks onto their partners.

This avoidance can be a significant red flag, highlighting a lack of accountability and cooperation essential for a healthy relationship. The unequal division of chores, where one partner is burdened with most of the work, can lead to resentment and conflict, further straining the relationship.

Observing these behaviors early on is crucial as they can indicate more profound issues of respect and equality in the relationship.

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