Passenger Shares Insider ‘Travel Hack’ for Scoring Cheaper Airline Tickets Than Online Prices: ‘Works for Spirit and Frontier’

Recently, a travel hack has surfaced that promises a way to secure cheaper airline tickets, which involves purchasing them directly at the airport.

This revelation has left many wondering, “Why didn’t I know this sooner?”

A First-Hand Experience

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A traveler named Gabrielle Moore decided to put this hack to the test. She documented her experience driving to the airport to purchase a ticket on the spot to verify if it resulted in savings.

Moore waited 20 minutes in line at a Spirit Airlines counter and bought a round-trip ticket to New York for an astonishing $53.80, saving herself $46.02.

This experience, which she shared online, garnered over 413,000 views as of August 22, with many viewers sharing their success stories with this method.

Community Insights and Tips

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The online community has quickly shared their experiences and tips regarding this newfound hack. One individual managed to secure a ticket from LA to Vegas for less than $20 by purchasing at the airport.

Others chimed in with additional hacks, such as saving $35-70 per ticket during the summer with Allegiant if you visit during their open hours during the week.

Some users noted that this strategy works well with Spirit and Frontier Airlines. A tip that emerged from the discussions was that the best day to try this hack with Spirit is on a Tuesday.

However, it was also pointed out that not all airlines offer this benefit, with an ex-American Airlines employee confirming that their company does not offer cheaper rates at the airport.

The Verdict: Online or In-Person Booking?

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This discussion brings us to the pivotal question: Is booking a flight ticket online or in person at the airport cheaper?

A traveler named Theresa embarked on a quest to uncover the truth behind the rumor that purchasing airline tickets directly at the airport could be cheaper than online.

Sharing her journey on her blog, “Fueled By Wanderlust”, she narrated the hurdles she encountered, including long queues and inexperienced staff at the Cleveland Hopkins Airport.

Despite the challenges, her perseverance revealed that the rumors held some truth; she discovered a potential saving of about $72 compared to the online prices quoted by Allegiant.

However, the process was marred by inefficiencies and system glitches, consuming considerable time and testing her patience.

What Do You Think?

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This newfound travel hack has undoubtedly stirred up the online community, with many sharing their success stories and additional tips to save on airfare.

While this method seems to result in substantial savings, especially with certain budget airlines, it is always best to approach cautiously and conduct thorough research before deciding on the best booking method.

After all, who would want to avoid snag a great deal on their next flight?

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