Pizza Inflation: When Your Freezer Pie Matches Domino’s Deal

When you think of grabbing a quick frozen pizza from the grocery store, you’re likely imagining a cost-saving alternative to ordering in. But what if that assumption was turned on its head?

A recent viral video has pizza lovers everywhere doing a double-take, questioning if their beloved freezer aisle favorite now costs as much as a fresh delivery from Domino’s.

The Viral Video That Started It All

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In a recent viral video posted by an internet user titled #Inflation, the camera pans over the frozen pizza section of a grocery store. The focus is on the Delissio stuffed crust pizza, which is priced at $9. The video then draws a striking comparison to Domino’s, showcasing a special offer of $8.99 for what appears to be a medium two-topping pizza.

In the video, the poster exclaims,

“Bro…since when did store-bought pizza become the same price as Domino’s?”

Apples and Oranges: Not a Fair Comparison

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Critics have pointed out that comparing the two pizzas is like comparing apples and oranges. The Delissio pizza in question is a stuffed crust deluxe option, while Domino’s offers a medium two-topping pizza as part of its deal. Additionally, Domino’s crust options may come at an extra cost. Moreover, the requirement to purchase two pizzas through the promotion at Domino’s further complicates the comparison.

As one commenter pointed out,

“You’re comparing some stuffed crust deluxe abomination with a cheese pizza from Domino’s.”

Another user agreed,

“That one is stuffed crust. Pay more for that at Domino’s too.”

What the People Have to Say

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In the midst of this viral debate, it’s essential to remember that price comparisons can be more complex than they initially seem. While the video suggests that the $9 Delissio pizza is on par with Domino’s, it’s clear that the two aren’t entirely equivalent. Domino’s deals come with their own set of conditions and potential add-on costs.

Here’s what pizza cravers have to say regarding the inflation pizza issue. One user comments on the video saying

“for some odd reason when I ordered Domino’s for 8.99 my pizza becomes 32.99”

A viewer reacts and states,

“I order that deal once a month. It’s $10.99 after the handmade pan & you have to spend $8.99 on pasta/chicken, plus tax, delivery, and tip. $35 total.”

Another user said,

“Gotta buy 2 at Domino’s though to get that price. Always a catch – bro…”

Some says that “those pizzas are like $14 at needs”.

While one viewer asserts;

“It’s not the same price. Dominos is $8.99. The store bought pizza is $8.98. You still save money by buying it in the store.”

So, is store-bought pizza really the same price as Domino’s? The answer seems to be a bit more nuanced. While the initial price might appear similar, the overall value and final cost at Domino’s can vary greatly depending on individual preferences and choices.

The reality About Strikes of Pizza Price

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A surge in fresh pizza prices has left many consumers disheartened, prompting a shift towards more affordable store-bought frozen pizzas. This trend is expected to propel US frozen pizza sales to a staggering USD 11.3 billion by 2030, with a steady Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.9%.

Experts at Tridge anticipate that pizza prices will maintain their upward trajectory in the upcoming months, given the robust fundamentals bolstering the pizza ingredient market.

In the United States, Domino’s, the global pizza giant, implemented a substantial 4.6% increase in pizza prices during Q1 of 2023. This adjustment extended to their popular Mix and Match Deal, raising its price from USD 6 to USD 7, marking a significant 16.7% jump. Furthermore, several prominent pizza vendors, including Halali and 2 Bros Pizza, opted to increase their slice prices from USD 1 to USD 1.5 in March.

Discussions: Pizza Price Increase in Supermarkets

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Discussions surrounding store-bought pizzas center on ingredient quality and its justification for the price, with debates over the use of cheaper ingredients versus the need for higher-quality components. Speculation extends to mass-scale production costs, encompassing labor, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution expenses.

The profit margins of pizza companies are often scrutinized for potential overcharging. Some argue that the cost reflects brand recognition and the convenience of ready-made pizzas, often comparing it to homemade pizza expenses.

Regional variations in store-bought pizza prices spark discussions regarding factors contributing to these disparities.

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