‘Please never use these this’: Former Aldi Employee Advises Shoppers Against the Cart Trick

Aldi, the popular grocery store chain, has a unique system where customers need to insert a quarter to use a shopping cart.

This system ensures that shoppers return the carts to their designated areas to retrieve their quarters. However, a recent trend has emerged where some shoppers are using plastic “25-cent” dongles attached to keychains to bypass the need for a quarter.

This hack has sparked a debate online, with both supporters and detractors voicing their opinions.

The Quarter Hack

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Joe Bartolozzi’s TikTok video is gaining traction for his criticism of a “modern solution” related to grocery shopping. Many shoppers, especially those at Aldi, are familiar with using a quarter to access a shopping cart.

He pointed out a “25-cent” plastic tool that can be added to keychains. This tool can be inserted into the cart’s locking mechanism, eliminating the need for an actual quarter.

Bartolozzi questioned the practicality of these keychain tools, especially since they cost more than a “25-cent” quarter. He emphasized that these keychain tools have a higher price tag while you retrieve your quarter after shopping.

Adding to the conversation, a former Aldi employee and TikToker named Billy shared his views. His response, combined with Bartolozzi’s video, has attracted 2.6 million views as of Saturday.

In his video, Billy advises, “So as an ex-Aldi employee, please never use these this is dumb as hell.” He then showcases a “quarter holder” keychain, a product Aldi offers for $1.49, designed to conveniently store a quarter.

Billy also criticized other similar online products and hinted that the “key hack” might not be the best solution.

The Cart Process

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Billy elaborated on the issues with using alternatives to quarters for shopping carts. He said,

“But when you do something like this or your house key, you’re messing up the whole cart swap process.”

He emphasized that if shoppers don’t have a quarter, they can simply approach an employee and request one for the cart. From his experience, Billy mentioned that employees were instructed to provide a quarter if a customer asked. He explained,

“First of all, it’s helpful for the cashier when you have a cart, so most cashiers are probably happy to give you that quarter, rather than you come through the line without it.”

Billy further added,

“But Aldi’s not going to turn down hundreds of dollars of your business just cause you don’t have a quarter. Just bring a quarter or ask them for one. Don’t use these, these are dumb.”

Public Reaction

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Some viewers wondered how such devices could disrupt the cart exchange process. An individual clarified that these gadgets could jam the cart’s locking system.

They commented, “A lot are 3d printed so they can mess up the slot if it gets stuck.” Another person highlighted the efficiency of Aldi’s checkout process, noting, “Because there is a cart swap at the register.

As you unload your cart, they fill the one at the register with your stuff.”

What You Should Do Instead

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For those who might forget their quarter, there are workarounds. One can ask a cashier to borrow a quarter, ensuring it’s returned after shopping. Alternatively, in a pinch, a house key’s back end can be used instead of a quarter to unlock the cart.

This hack provides a solution and ensures that the cart is returned to retrieve the key. The quarter system, while unique, is a testament to Aldi’s commitment to efficiency and cost-saving, ensuring that customers benefit from lower prices.

The system also addresses the societal issue of abandoned carts, promoting responsibility and accountability among shoppers.

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