Quitting Isn’t Enough: Manager Tells Employee to Keep Working

When job boundaries blur, one had thought they’d left their craft store days behind. But an unexpected call from a forgetful manager suggests otherwise.

This isn’t just about a scheduling error, it’s a tale of standing firm, setting boundaries, and chuckling at workplace mix-ups. Here’s a story of mistaken roles and the classic refrain: “I don’t work here anymore!”

The Oversight

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In 2016, an employee had been working diligently as a stocker at a craft store. After a year, due to their father retiring, they decided to move out of state.

They responsibly handed in their two-week notice, specifying their last working day, which would be on a Wednesday. However, a mix-up in the schedule showed them working two days beyond their intended last day.

The employee approached the Store Manager, reminding them of the last working day. The Store Manager, known for being a bit absent-minded, acknowledged the oversight and promised to rectify the schedule.

Thinking all was settled, they bid farewell to their colleagues and left the store, believing it was their final goodbye.

An Unexpected Call

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The very next day, the employee received a surprising call from the craft store. The floor manager, with whom the employee had previous disagreements, was on the other end.

She questioned the employee’s absence and revealed that she had personally added them back to the schedule.

The floor manager insisted that the store’s needs were paramount and that the employee should report to work immediately.

“The store does not arrange itself to YOUR schedule. This is a job, and you need to work when needed.”

Standing Ground

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Taken aback by this audacious demand, the employee firmly reiterated their position. They had already completed their notice period, were in the process of moving, and had even received their final paycheck.

In a last-ditch attempt to assert authority, the floor manager threatened to write up the employee for their absence.

This absurdity led the employee to burst into laughter, leaving the floor manager fuming.

Regaining composure, the employee delivered a final statement,

“I quit on Wednesday. I don’t take orders from you anymore.”

They promptly hung up, choosing to ignore any further calls from the store.

When Bosses Forget the Clock Exists

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Ah, the modern workplace. A realm where time often seems to stand still, especially when you’re eagerly waiting for the clock to strike 5.

But what happens when your boss seems to have misplaced their watch and expects you to be on call 24/7?

Let’s dive into the humorous, yet all too real, world of managers who might just think you live at the office.

The “Always On” Expectation

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Family commitments? What’s that? Some bosses might raise an eyebrow if you dare to sign off early for a family event. After all, aren’t work emails more important than your child’s first steps?

Also, when work-from-home[1] became the norm, the lines between personal and professional time have blurred.

For some managers, this means you’re always available. Sleep? Who needs that?

The Great Employee Exodus

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Career coaches have noticed a trend. Employee frustration is skyrocketing.

While pay and growth opportunities are essential, feeling disrespected by a boss[2] can be the final straw that pushes someone to update their resume.

Think about job searching like a dental operation. No one really enjoys it, but if the pain gets too much, you’ll willingly sit in that dentist’s chair.

Tips for Navigating the Time Warp

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Navigating the world of a time-forgetful boss can be a daunting task. But fear not, for we have compiled a list of essential tips to help you manage this tricky terrain.

These strategies will equip you to handle the challenges that come with a boss who seems to have misplaced their watch.

Know Your Rights

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Before you challenge your time-traveling boss, arm yourself with knowledge.

Understand your company’s policies and any applicable state or federal laws.

Empathy, But Make It Strategic

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Yes, managers are under pressure too. However, understanding their concerns can help you frame your requests to align with their goals.

Boundaries, Boundaries, Boundaries

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If your boss thinks 11 p.m. is a great time for a team meeting, it might be time to set some clear boundaries.

And maybe gift them a watch for the next office Secret Santa.

Self-Care Is Essential

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Working for a time-forgetful boss can be draining. Remember to schedule some joy in your day.

Whether it’s a dance break, a quick jog, or just five minutes of peace and quiet, ensure you’re taking care of yourself.

While we can’t control how our bosses perceive time, we can control how we respond. And who knows, with a bit of humor and strategy, we might just get them to join us in the present.

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