‘Recruiting Guru’ Gives A Heads Up on ‘September Surge’: Offers Tips

The U.S. job market has recently witnessed a series of layoffs that began last year and have continued into 2023, affecting numerous workers across various sectors. 

However, as per recent trends and predictions, September is the golden month for job seekers. A surge in job opportunities is expected, giving individuals the best job security. 

The Phenomenon of the September Surge

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A recent viral video by Chanelle Howell, a self-proclaimed “recruiting guru”, has brought attention to the anticipated “September surge” in job opportunities.

The video, which has garnered almost 1,300,000 views and 113,000 likes, predicts a significant uptick in job vacancies during the month of September.

Howell, a corporate recruiter and career consultant, emphasized the importance of being prepared for this surge by updating resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

Testimonials & Experiences

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The surge is not just a prediction but is backed by several individuals who have experienced it firsthand. Many viewers have corroborated Howell’s advice, sharing their personal experiences securing jobs during September.

One individual mentioned securing their current job at the end of August and starting in October, while another noted that their past major tech jobs were secured between September and October, primarily through LinkedIn connections.

Furthermore, some viewers observed a pattern in their employment history, with new job commencements predominantly occurring in August or September over the past five years.

This pattern has instilled hope in many job seekers, with comments reflecting a strong desire and readiness to transition to new job opportunities.

Navigating the September Surge: Opportunities & Skepticism

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As the end of summer approaches, the job market is abuzz with talks of the “September Surge”, a perceived increase in job opportunities post-Labor Day.

Popularized on platforms like TikTok, this trend has sparked a heated debate among experts regarding its authenticity. Amy Glaser, senior vice president at Adecco, affirms the surge, noting job openings in various sectors as companies prepare for the holiday season.

Conversely, Josh Millet, CEO of Criteria, expresses skepticism, citing data that suggests September does not necessarily witness a significant uptick in job opportunities compared to other months.

Despite the differing opinions, Brooke Skinner-Ricketts, co-founder and president of Beyond Barriers, encourages job seekers to capitalize on this period, emphasizing the importance of networking and clearly articulating one’s unique value proposition.

As the discussion continues, whether the September surge is a genuine phenomenon or a fleeting trend remains to be seen.

Preparing for the Surge: Tips and Advice

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Howell advises job seekers to be proactive in preparing to make the most of the September surge.

Key steps include updating resumes and LinkedIn profiles to reflect current skills and experiences. Additionally, she encourages individuals not to delay in applying for jobs as soon as they are available.

Community Hopes & Expectations

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The community is fervently hoping for the surge to materialize, with many expressing their eagerness to leave their jobs.

The surge is seen as a beacon of hope for those unemployed for several months, with comments reflecting desperation and a strong desire for a change in their employment status.

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