“Grocery prices have become absurdly high.”I’m literally shaking from shock…” The $100 Grocery Challenge

In an era where the digital age captures every nuance of our lives, it’s often the most mundane things that strike a chord and resonate deeply.

Among the myriad of dance challenges and viral pranks on TikTok, a user’s lament about the skyrocketing prices of groceries has struck a nerve, turning the spotlight onto a pressing issue many face but few discuss.

The $100 Grocery Challenge

Carenstino shared a video showcasing the items he purchased for $100. He captioned the clip, 

“I’m literally shaking from shock… something needs to change.”

The video displayed a rather small assortment of items, including a small pack of chicken, a dozen eggs, rice, juices, body wash, deodorant, English muffins, stationery, and canned energy drinks. 

Expressing his disbelief, Carenstino remarked, 

“You’re telling me this is $100? This isn’t even barely anything to feed me for a couple of days.”



@carenstino Im literally shaking from shock… something needs to change #fyp #fypシ #inflation #cantaffordtoeat ♬ original sound – Carenstino

Public Outcry

The video resonated with many, as viewers shared their astonishment in the comments. 

One user reminisced, 

“I used to make family dinner 6 years ago for $40. The same exact dinner cost $90 now.” 

Another commented on the absurdly high grocery prices, while a third user pointed out that it might now be cheaper to dine out than to cook at home. 

Some users also suggested shopping at Aldi or Trader Joe’s as potential cost-saving alternatives.

A Broader Perspective on Rising Grocery Prices

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The US grocery price rise has been a topic of concern for many, especially those struggling to make ends meet. According to a report by CNN ¹:

  • Monthly Fluctuations: US grocery prices increased in May after experiencing a dip in March and April. From April to May, grocery prices, adjusted for seasonal swings, became 0.1% more expensive. Meanwhile, menu items saw a 0.5% increase during the same period.
  • Yearly Comparisons: Overall, grocery prices in May were 5.8% higher than the previous year. Menu prices surged by 8.3% over the past year. Collectively, food prices jumped by 6.7% throughout the year, surpassing the overall annual inflation rate of 4%.
  • Specific Price Hikes: Some food items witnessed significant price hikes over the year. Margarine saw a spike of 22.5%, flour prices jumped 17.1%, bread prices increased 12.5%, and sugar prices rose 11.1%. Other notable increases included juices and nonalcoholic drinks at 9.9%, lettuce at 9.4%, ham at 8.2%, and ice cream at 8%.
  • Factors Influencing the Rise: A combination of extreme weather conditions, the war in Ukraine, avian flu, and increased costs along the supply chain have contributed to the surge in food prices. Additionally, disruptions have been used by food sellers as a justification to raise prices.
  • Signs of Relief: On the brighter side, some food items have seen price reductions since last year. Bacon prices fell by 9.8%, citrus fruit by 5.3%, fresh whole milk by 3.4%, pork chops by 2.2%, and fish and seafood by 1.1%. Interestingly, egg prices, which had soared earlier in the year, dropped by a significant 13.8% in May, marking the largest single-month price decline since January 1951.
  • Supply and Demand Dynamics: The drop in egg prices can be attributed to a stabilization in supply and a decrease in demand. The contagious bird flu had reduced the number of egg-laying hens the previous year, causing a spike in egg prices. However, prices have come down with the virus seemingly under control this year and demand not keeping pace with the supply.

While the rise in grocery prices has been a significant concern, there are signs of stabilization and even a reduction in costs for particular items. It remains to be seen how these trends will evolve in the coming months and their impact on consumers’ wallets.

Facing the Challenge

The rising cost of living, especially regarding essential commodities, is a pressing concern for many. 

As individuals and families grapple with these challenges, policymakers and businesses must address these issues and ensure that basic needs remain accessible to all.


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