Self-Righteous Vegan Friend Drinks Non-Vegan Wine, Insists that All Wine Is Vegan

Veganism is a choice, a commitment to abstaining from using animal products in diet and daily life. But what happens when the lines of this choice are blurred unknowingly?

A gathering among friends took an unexpected turn over a disagreement regarding vegan wine.

A Friendly Gathering

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The event occurred at the home of a 26-year-old woman who had invited her close circle of friends, including a 30-year-old vegan friend, for a weekend gathering. The host had always accommodated her friend’s vegan lifestyle, even ensuring that vegan-friendly wine was available for her.

On her part, the vegan friend has been vocal and somewhat self-righteous about her dietary choices, a trait that has reportedly strained her relationships with others.

Drinking the Non-Vegan Wine

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During the gathering, the host noticed that her vegan friend had inadvertently chosen a non-vegan wine from the fridge, instead of the vegan wine that was specifically purchased for her.

The host pointed out the oversight, emphasizing her belief that her friend would prefer to stick to her vegan choices.

Not All Wines Are Vegan

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This well-intentioned gesture, however, did not sit well with the vegan friend, who asserted that all wines are vegan, criticizing the host for making a fuss over the choice of wine.

She further argued that if the host had issues with certain wines being consumed, they should not have been placed in the fridge to begin with.

The Well-Meaning Know-It-All

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The disagreement escalated quickly, with the vegan friend accusing the host of “calling her out” and being overly pedantic about her diet in front of other friends. She felt embarrassed and targeted, leading to a heated argument that dampened the spirit of the gathering.

The host, meanwhile, felt she was acting in her friend’s best interest, assuming that a vegan individual would appreciate knowing the details of the products they are consuming.

She regretted possibly hurting her friend but also wondered if she was being unfairly judged for her well-meaning intervention.

The Making of Vegan Wines

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Contrary to popular belief, not all wines are vegan. The winemaking process, particularly the fining process, can often involve the use of animal-derived substances.

These substances, which can include ingredients derived from animal bones, intestines, or other byproducts, are used to remove impurities from the wine, making it unsuitable for vegans and vegetarians.

The BevVeg vegan standard, a certification managed by attorneys, ensures no animal ingredients or by-products are used in the processing, clarification, or filtration before bottling or packaging, and no animal testing is involved.

Consumer Awareness and Preferences

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Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of their products, seeking transparency and honesty in labeling. This trend is not limited to vegans but extends to health-conscious individuals who are looking for sustainable and humane farming alternatives.

The lack of regulation by the USDA or FDA in labeling vegan products has led to a general mistrust among consumers, emphasizing the role of third-party certification companies in instilling confidence in product choices.

The Global Perspective

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While it is challenging to provide exact estimates of the percentage of vegan wineries globally, there is a growing awareness and willingness among winemakers to adopt vegan practices. This is driven by a rising demand for vegan and vegetarian products globally, with markets in China, the United Arab Emirates, and Australia leading the way.

Winemakers recognize the business potential in catering to a large consumer base that prefers vegan products.

Taste & Quality

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Vegan wines do not necessarily differ in taste compared to non-vegan wines. The taste of a wine is primarily influenced by the region where its grapes are grown and the soil used.

Many vegan wines have received accolades for their superior flavor, indicating that the vegan winemaking process does not compromise on quality.

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