Server Criticizes Customers Who Bring Books Into the Restaurant Without Ordering Anything

In a recent video, a server expressed frustration towards a specific type of customer: those who bring books into restaurants.

The server, known as Syd, humorously acted out a scenario in which a customer orders only hot water with lemon while intending to read a book, taking up valuable table space without making a significant purchase.

The Skit

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Syd embarks on her comedic sketch, adeptly portraying both a server and a book-engrossed customer in a full-service restaurant re-enactment.

Server, with a welcoming gesture: “Hi thanks for coming into the full-service restaurant what can I get for you today?”


“Hi I’ll just do a hot water with lemon.”

Despite the minimal request, the Server promptly complies:

“Yeah sure, um here you go. Here is your hot water with lemon. What can I get you from the paid menu?”

Customer: “Oh no thanks this is all I’ll be having today with my book.” Syd, enacting the customer role, mimics sipping water, highlighting contentment in the simplicity of her order.

Through this skit, Syd conveys a significant message. She underscores the discomfort felt by patrons who sense the palpable impatience of servers eager for them to vacate their seats for potentially more lucrative customers.

This unspoken pressure tarnishes the dining experience, leaving customers feeling rushed and undervalued, a sentiment far removed from the welcoming ambiance a restaurant should ideally exude.

Public Reaction

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Many people who viewed the post agreed with Syd’s perspective on the situation.

One person suggested alternatives for book-reading customers:

“Like babes, go to a cafe, a library, a park, literally anything else.”

Libraries, in particular, offer a quiet environment perfect for reading and working, along with free-to-use bathrooms and usually Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

Other Servers’ Experiences

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Another commenter shared a similar experience, expressing frustration with customers who need help understanding the financial aspect of the restaurant business.

They recounted a situation where a customer accused them of being only interested in money, to which they responded by affirming the business nature of restaurants.

The Debate on Lingering In Cafes

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In various cafes and restaurants like McDonald’s and Starbucks, a debate is brewing over the acceptable time to linger. The establishments have become popular gathering spots for diverse groups, transforming into social hubs.

In Queens, a McDonald’s faced tension with a group of elderly Korean patrons who used the restaurant as a meeting place for several hours each day, leading to a truce after months.

The scenario highlights a growing trend where individuals seek the comfort and amenities of these establishments for extended periods, often spending little but occupying space for long durations.

This shift is causing frustration among restaurant managers and franchise owners who find these loyal customers hurting business by leaving little room for other patrons, leading to tensions and conflicts.

Balancing Customer Rights & Business Needs

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The situation raises questions about customers’ rights and businesses’ needs. Is the customer always right, even if they spend minimal amounts but occupy space for extended periods?

The debate continues as individuals seek spaces like McDonald’s for socializing, escaping the cold, or delaying homework, bringing in the mores of cafe culture where a single purchase grants permission to stay.

The incidents reflected the balance between providing public spaces for people to gather and the economic implications for businesses, highlighting the need for a middle ground that respects both the patrons’ desires and the establishments’ requirements.

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