Server Receives Support After Taking Cholula Bottles: ‘I’ve paid with my tears over the last 3 yrs it’s ok.’

In the world of service industry jobs, a few unspoken perks often come with the territory. Recently, a Red Robin server, “Icky Vicky” showcased one of these behind-the-scenes benefits in a viral video.

Vicky’s clip captured viewers’ attention as she revealed her not-so-secret stash of Cholula hot sauce at work.

The Cholula Caper Unveiled

In her video, Vicky humorously reveals her workplace perk: free bottles of Cholula hot sauce.

The clip features quick cutaways of Vicky gazing at a shelf filled with unopened Cholula bottles, eventually slipping one into her apron with a sly grin. The text overlay reads, “When I ran out of Cholula but my restaurant didn’t.”

Vicky playfully justifies her condiment heist in the caption, stating, “I’ve paid with my tears over the last 3 yrs it’s ok.”

@sheeshfeesh ive paid with my tears over the last 3 yrs its ok #cholula #redrobin #server #restaurant #stealing #hotsauce ♬ original sound – DL

Viewer Support & Shared Stories

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The video resonated with many viewers who empathized with Vicky’s “perk” of the food service industry. Several shared their own experiences of helping themselves to workplace supplies.

A former barista even admitted to nabbing an appliance while working at Starbucks.

Others defended the act, citing low wages and considering these occasional “perks” as part of their compensation. For many, it was a testament to the unspoken benefits that come with working in the food industry.

The Fine Line Between Perks & Policies

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While some businesses turn a blind eye to employees taking home items, others strictly monitor what workers can bring home. A Reddit user highlighted their experience working in a grocery store, where they observed significant food waste daily.

They questioned the inconsistency of policies that allowed employees to take home leftovers in some establishments while firing them for the same actions in others.

The misconception that restaurants don’t donate leftover food due to fear of legal consequences was debunked. In fact, a 1996 bill largely protects companies from legal trouble resulting from donated food.

The Bigger Picture for Red Robin Servers

In Vicky’s case, she showcased her Cholula acquisition, highlighting a unique workplace “perk.” According to Indeed, Red Robin servers earn varying hourly wages, largely dependent on gratuities.

Additionally, the restaurant now adds an 18% charge to takeout orders, with no option to modify it. This policy change may impact employees differently, potentially making it a more appealing perk than a bottle of hot sauce.

Perks In the Workplace? What’s the Sauce?

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Providing cool job perks can motivate employees and reduce turnover, making it a unique selling point for attracting new talent.

It’s essential for job perks to align with your business’s product/service to make them unique.

Employee satisfaction is crucial for a company’s overall success, and offering meaningful job perks can help create a positive company culture, inspire staff, and attract top talent.

Employee perks, or fringe benefits, extend beyond salary and benefits and are integral to your company culture.

While perks don’t directly impact engagement, strategic planning can reinforce company values, culture, and employer brand, supporting engagement initiatives and talent retention.

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