‘She didn’t clarify what size drink’: Coffee Shop Barista Exploits Free Drink Policy

Imagine getting your caffeine fix for the day in one gigantic serving! That’s exactly what barista and TikTok sensation Alyssa Baker did, pushing the envelope on her coffee shop’s “one free drink per shift” policy by opting for a pitcher!

In a hilarious twist on employee perks, her video shows her crafting a colossal caramel iced coffee, leading viewers to chuckle and debate the loopholes in company policies. Ready for a deep dive into this light-hearted brew-haha? Let’s pour in!

Humongous Drink

Baker, a barista, decided to take the term “one free drink per shift” to a new level by preparing an enormous caramel iced coffee in a pitcher, arguing that technically, a pitcher could be seen as a “cup.” She shared the process on social media, attracting various reactions.

In her video, Baker humorously shows herself exploiting a loophole in the rule by using a caption: “Pov: your manager says 1 free drink per shift.” The video is a quick time-lapse of her making the gigantic drink.

She starts by coating the pitcher’s interior with caramel syrup, followed by pouring in what seems to be two large cups of cold black coffee. Next, she adds what appears to be a whole quart of half-and-half, followed by two large cups of ice, finishing off with a generous amount of Redi-Whip whipped cream.

Once done, she uses a straw that’s comically small for the pitcher size, stirs the drink, and takes a sip, looking upwards in a mock gesture of sheer delight at the taste before the video ends. Her caption cheekily adds, “She didn’t clarify what size drink…,” suggesting that she’s merely taking advantage of the lack of specifics in the rule about the free drink’s size.

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Viewer’s POV

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Viewers had various reactions to Baker’s giant iced caramel coffee creation. One suggested an improvement, pointing out, “Ma’am you forgot the caramel on top!!!” to which Baker agreed and promised a redo of the drink.

Another viewer was taken aback by the amount of creamer used, exclaiming, “Girl the whole thing of half & half nooo,” indicating surprise at the excessive use of half-and-half.

Additionally, a commenter mentioned their perk at Starbucks, stating, “At the siren we get 3 free drinks,” implying that they receive three free drinks per shift, potentially sparking a bit of competitive jest among employees of different coffee establishments.

Employee Benefits Across Coffee Chains

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When making coffee all day, it’s nice to enjoy some yourself! Coffee shops have rules about what free stuff baristas can get. At Starbucks, baristas can have as many free drinks as they like when they’re working, which is pretty cool because they can try different drinks and learn more about them.

Plus, they get to take home seven snacks or pastries every week. Now, Dunkin’ Donuts does things a bit differently. They say their workers can have free coffee, breakfast, lunch, and even snacks during work hours. But, some people who’ve worked there mentioned they only get one donut for free each day and can have free coffee but need to bring their own cup.

This might not be the same in every store, though. It seems like the free stuff baristas get isn’t always the same and can change based on where they work or who’s managing the shop.

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