Shopper Reveals Clever Hack for Discovering the Real Price of Clearance Items

In the bustling aisles of Walmart, a haven of discounts and deals awaits the savvy shopper. The clearance section, particularly in the beauty aisle, is where one can find many items at slashed prices.

From facial mists to exfoliating tonics and face masks, the yellow sale tickets beckon shoppers with the promise of savings. However, as a popular online influencer points out, avoiding taking the displayed price at face value is essential.

A Handy Tool: The Walmart App

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“This is your reminder to check the prices even if there’s a clearance sticker,” says Kayla, a self-proclaimed “extreme couponer” with a massive following online. Kayla shares a valuable tip for those looking to save even more: use the Walmart app to scan the item’s barcode and discover the “real” price.

In a demonstration, she reveals that a face balm labeled at $10.03 was priced at a mere $3.44, a significant markdown the casual shopper might miss.

The Online Community’s Response

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Kayla’s hack has garnered considerable attention, with over 200,000 views and 40 comments as of the last update. Many viewers have shared their own experiences with clearance item pricing discrepancies.

One viewer noted, “The other day I bought a nightshirt clearance at 10$, but in reality, it was 5$.” Another shared their excitement about finding a much-coveted SPF stick for $4 in the app, compared to the $12 sticker price in the store.

However, only some have had success with this method. Some users reported issues with scanning clearance items, receiving error messages or finding higher app prices than the sticker price. Despite these glitches, the consensus is that this hack can save shoppers substantial money.

Tips for Successful Clearance Shopping

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Shopping at Walmart can be a treasure hunt with numerous clearance items hidden throughout the store. These clearance items can sometimes be cheaper than the marked price, and using the Walmart app can help you uncover these hidden deals.

Clearance sales are frequent, especially at the beginning of the month and at the end of seasons, offering discounts on a wide range of products, including electronics, toys, and holiday items. It’s not uncommon to find items discounted up to 95%. Social media platforms and groups can be an excellent resource for finding the best clearance deals.

Building a rapport with store managers to get additional discounts on clearance items is also beneficial. Remember, as per Walmart’s return policy, clearance items can be returned within 90 days. To stay updated on the latest clearance deals, you can use apps like “The Krazy Coupon Lady” to set up deal alerts.

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