‘Should I be concerned?’: Sam’s Club Shopper Drops Bombshell on Premier Protein Shake

Ricky Waller, a regular at Sam’s Club and a fan of Premier Protein shakes, stumbled upon a curious discovery that’s now taking TikTok by storm. After noticing an unusual weight in the empty containers, he decided to investigate.

The revelation inside these popular protein shakes has gone viral and sparked a spectrum of reactions. Buckle up for this one as we dive into what Ricky found.

The Unexpected

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TikTok user Ricky Waller shared a curious observation about Premier Protein shakes, leading him to experiment on camera. Waller, a longtime consumer of the caramel-flavored Premier Protein shakes, noticed that the individual containers felt unusually heavy even after finishing the drink. Moreover, after consuming the shake, he felt “chunks” at the bottom of the containers.

Initially, Waller assumed the chunkiness was due to inadequate mixing on his part. However, his curiosity got the better of him, and he decided to investigate further by cutting open a sealed carton of the shake.

In his viral video, Waller emphasized that his experiment was genuine and not a paid endorsement or staged. He showcased the expiration date on the carton, which read Aug. 9, 2024, and confirmed that the container was sealed and untouched.

Throughout the 3:24 minute video, Waller kept the protein shake carton in full view of the camera. He began by shaking the carton, intending to empty its contents down the drain. He then proceeded to pour the shake into the sink. While the liquid flowed out smoothly, Waller remarked that the carton still felt “heavy” even after it was emptied.

Why It’s Chunky

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Ricky Waller’s investigation into the Premier Protein shake took a surprising turn in his TikTok video. After pouring out the liquid from the carton, he wanted further to demonstrate the unusual weight of the seemingly empty container, so he dropped it into the sink. To assure viewers of the authenticity of his experiment, he showed that there was nothing else in the sink, dispelling any notions that he might be trying to deceive them.

Waller then took a knife to cut open the carton and uncover the reason for the “chunky” residue he had previously mentioned. As he cut through the carton’s tough paper-like material, he poured out the remaining liquid. What he discovered next visibly shocked him.

He exclaimed, “Oh my God, oh my God what the heck?” as he pulled out a jelly-like substance that had settled at the bottom of the container. Holding it up to the camera, he jiggled it to show its consistency, comparing it to cheese. He said, “It’s like thick in there y’all see that? This is at the bottom of these shakes.”

Dropping the gelatinous mass into the sink, Waller continued to express his disbelief, extracting more of the substance and letting it fall. He questioned, “This can’t be, this can’t be good!”

Seeking answers and possibly some reassurance, he ended the video by asking his viewers, “Should I be concerned?”

Public Reactions

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Ricky Waller’s TikTok video, which showcased the unexpected discovery in his Premier Protein shake, quickly went viral, garnering over 3.4 million views. The video elicited a range of reactions from viewers, many of whom shared their own experiences and concerns.

A common concern among viewers was the potential discrepancy in the protein content promised versus what they were actually consuming. One user commented, “My only concern after watching this, is I’m not getting the 30g of protein like promised.” Another viewer shared this sentiment: “Wait.. so you mean I’ve only been getting like 15g of protein per drink and throwing the other 15g in the trash.”

Others related to Waller’s initial observation about the weight of the empty containers. A user remarked, “I always wondered why they still felt heavy while empty.”

However, some viewers held onto hope that the issue might be due to inadequate shaking of the drink before consumption. A concerned drinker of the product said, “Maybe it isn’t shook up very well. Lord I hope that’s the case because I’ve been drinking them too.”

Premier Protein’s Response

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In a follow-up video, Waller mentioned that Premier Protein reached out to him. The company explained that there’s no health risk associated with the coagulated substance, which is likely whey protein that has settled.

They apologized for the unsatisfactory experience and compensated Waller with four complimentary cases of the protein shake.

Clumps in Protein Shakes

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Clumping in protein powders can be off-putting, but it doesn’t necessarily indicate spoilage. Clumps can form due to various reasons, including improper storage, blending methods, or the temperature of the liquid used. Protein powders should be stored in cool, dry places to prevent moisture exposure, which can lead to clumping.

When mixing, avoiding very cold liquids and using proper blending methods, such as a blender bottle or shaker cup, is recommended instead of just stirring with a spoon. Additionally, whey protein isolate might get foamy when stirred vigorously, but this is a normal characteristic of this type of protein.

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