‘Everything is smaller and more expensive’: Grocery Shopper Feels Scammed

Over the years, many internet users have observed a peculiar trend called “shrinkflation.” This phenomenon involves reducing the size of items while keeping their prices constant or even raising them.

This concept has triggered discussions and disputes among consumers who feel misled by the packaging and portrayal of numerous products.

Texas Toast & Shrinkflation

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A recent discussion has been sparked by a user who noticed that Texas Toast appeared to be experiencing shrinkflation.

The user, Lacey Burns, showed several slices of New York Bakery Texas Toast removed from their container, each slice smaller than her hand.

She highlighted the sizable gap between the edges of the box and the product itself, raising questions about the actual size of the Texas Toast. However, upon further examination, it’s unclear whether the brand Burns shows has witnessed shrinkflation or if she’s used to Texas Toast from another brand.

The product shown in the video is New York Bakery® Five Cheese Texas Toast, which has maintained a consistent weight of 13.5 ounces since at least 2017.

Consumer Reactions

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Despite the unclear circumstances surrounding Texas Toast, many commenters claimed that the pieces of Texas Toast were, in fact, smaller while noting their own shrinkflation experiences.

One user mentioned a similar situation with Hostess Snack Cakes, and another noted that breakfast sausages they bought recently appeared smaller than they used to be.

Consumers expressed frustration with the shrinking sizes of products and the increasing prices, feeling that they need to get value for their money.

One user said,

“Everything is smaller and more expensive!”

A third added,

“We’re going to have to start making stuff from scratch to get decent sizes.”

Shrinkflation: A Subtle Blow to Consumers

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In a world of economic challenges, consumers face another subtle yet significant issue: shrinkflation. This term refers to the reduction in the size or quantity of a product while the price remains unchanged or even increases.

It’s a tactic manufacturers use to maintain profit margins amidst rising production costs without visibly hiking the product’s price.

This phenomenon is not new, but it has been exacerbated by the ongoing inflation, making it more noticeable and impactful on consumers’ wallets.

For instance, General Mills has reduced its “family size” boxes from 19.3 ounces to 18.1 ounces. Other companies are following suit, shrinking the size of everyday products from toilet paper to candy bars.

Despite these reductions, prices remain the same, effectively making products more expensive for the consumer.

The Growing Demand for Transparency

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Consumers and grocery retailers are now challenging brands to justify their increased costs. Major retailers like Walmart, Hy-Vee, and Giant Eagle are pushing back on price increases, as they are often blamed for the higher prices instead of the brands.

The frustration is palpable among consumers, who feel deceived by the shrinking sizes and consistent prices. They are now more vigilant, examining the weights and sizes of the products they buy to ensure they get value for money .

In the face of this growing discontent, some companies, like Coca-Cola, have announced further price rises in 2023, citing enhanced marketing and an agile packaging approach. However, this has only fueled the anger and frustration among consumers, leading to a war between shoppers, supermarkets, and brands.

The situation is further complicated by the expiration of emergency SNAP benefits, leaving 30 million Americans with even less to afford food and increasing the demand for transparency from consumer packaged goods brands regarding their pricing strategies.

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