Sister Refuses to Babysit For Free & Calls Nephew ‘a spoiled entitled brat’

Ever observed clear favoritism within a family setting? When a woman welcomes a relative and her three children into her home, she quickly discerns the challenges of dealing with a distinctly favored child.

A New Living Arrangement

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A recently divorced mother of three was welcomed into the home of her younger sister, who already had two children of her own. The sister was a stay-at-home mom so was able to help out with the kids.

This arrangement meant that the household was bustling with five young ones, but thankfully, her eldest niece, who was 12 years old, was responsible and helped around the house.

The Evident Preference

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It didn’t take long to notice that among the three children of the visiting mother, the youngest, a 9-year-old boy, was treated with distinct favor.

The stay-at-home mom noticed this behavior because the mother

“never ever punishes him and always lets him get his way and I’m assuming that is why he’s so entitled.”

A Telling Episode

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A regular day turned tumultuous over a game of Uno. The stay-at-home mom was preparing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for everyone when her niece told her about the boy trying to damage the cards after a match. She caught the boy, who lost the game, tugging the cards out of her daughter’s hands.

When questioned, his response was a mix of tears and anger. The stay-at-home mom also mentioned that she noticed that the boy can’t stand losing. During her time babysitting the kids, she saw that the boy “has anger issues and tends to take it out on his sister.”

Sticky Situation

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The day’s challenges didn’t end there. After the incident, she let the boy cool down on his own. But the boy wants her to yell at her daughter and her niece who told on him. Because, according to her eldest niece, that’s what their mom does.

Come lunchtime, a minor oversight, the stay-at-home mom forgot to cut off the crust from the boy’s sandwich and he screamed,

“I should’ve cut the crust of the bread because I should know that he doesn’t like it.”

Trying to diffuse the situation, she said that she would just cut it off. But the boy refused and instead threw the plate with the sandwich into the wall, which earned the anger of the stay-at-home mom. So when she yelled at him, his sister just pulled him away to their room.

No More Free Babysitting

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When the stay-at-home mom relayed the day’s events to her sister, she voiced her concerns and established a new rule: she would no longer offer free babysitting, especially given the behavioral challenges. When her sister said no, she got mad and called her son “a spoiled entitled brat.”

Because of that, her sister just shut herself off in their room and the two moms hadn’t spoken to each other since.

Public Concern

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The events drew s lot of reactions from people who read the story. One pointed out that

“The kid is a spoilt brat by the sounds of it, but the confrontation with the mom could have been a little better.”

Another one suggested,

“Tell her the girls can stay, and the boy needs to go to daycare. Or she can pay you to watch him. Or just kick them all out. She is creating some of her own problems with bad discipline.”

To better the situation, one said,

“You called it as you see it. But getting paid isn’t going to make the situation better. The kid probably needs therapy. Family therapy would be in order as well, as the issues are systemic.”

The Deeper Impact of Favoritism

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The evident favoritism towards the youngest boy isn’t just a fleeting household dynamic; it mirrors a broader societal issue with profound implications.

Drawing from research and expert insights, let’s delve deeper into the ramifications of such favoritism:

According to a study highlighted by Baton Rouge Parents[1], a staggering 70% of mothers admitted to having a favorite child. This statistic resonates with our story, where the visiting mother’s evident preference for her youngest son becomes a central theme.

Effects on the Non-Favored

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While the spotlight often shines on the favored child, the shadows cast can have deep implications for those left in the dark. The non-favored children, often overlooked, grapple with a unique set of challenges:

Emotional Turmoil

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They often grapple with feelings of rejection, low self-worth, and inadequacy. In our story, the other children’s subtle reactions and behaviors might be indicative of such underlying emotions.

Performance Impact

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These feelings can extend to their performance in school, work, and personal relationships. The foundation set by the parenting relationship dictates their expectations from future relationships.


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Feeling neglected can sometimes lead to an overly independent outlook on life, bordering on isolation. They might feel they don’t need anyone, which can be a defense mechanism against consistent feelings of rejection.

Challenges for the Favored

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Being the apple of a parent’s eye might seem like a blessing, but it’s not without its thorns. The favored child, while enjoying certain privileges, also faces a unique set of pressures and expectations:

Pressure to Perform

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They often feel immense pressure to maintain their “star performance,” leading to difficulties in handling failures. In our narrative, the youngest boy’s outbursts over minor issues, like a game or a sandwich, might stem from this pressure.

Sibling Resentment

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Being favored almost always results in being resented by other siblings. This unequal attention can strain relationships, as seen in the subtle tensions within the household in our story.

Unrealistic Worldview

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Favored children might grow up with a skewed perception of the world, expecting preferential treatment everywhere. This can lead to challenges in adult life when such expectations aren’t met.

Parental Awareness

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The key to mitigating the negative effects of favoritism lies in parental awareness and intervention. Recognizing the dynamics, setting clear boundaries, and ensuring every child feels valued can make a world of difference.

Favoritism can deeply impact family dynamics, fostering entitlement in the favored child and potential resentment among the others. Parents must be aware of such dynamics and address them proactively.

Establishing boundaries, seeking external guidance, and ensuring all children feel equally cherished are pivotal in nurturing a harmonious family setting.

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