6 Proven Strategies to Triumph Over Loneliness

Loneliness is a normal human emotion. Every one of us will experience it multiple times throughout our lives. We just experience loneliness differently from everyone else and process this emotion according to our capacity.

The Reddit community shared some of their tried and tested ways of dealing with loneliness:

1. Maladaptive Daydreaming

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This is when a person becomes so immersed in their imagination. “Maladaptive daydreaming is when you’re creating a fantasy in your head (like a version of yourself living in a different world or interacting with people differently) to the point that you’re actually distracting yourself from your own life.

The behavior distracts the person from anything in the real world, including their feelings of loneliness. Sometimes, the daydreaming becomes so intense that it disrupts real relationships, work, and hobbies.

2. “Learned to Be My Own Company”

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“I figured out that loneliness looked a lot like boredom. I felt bad by myself because I never did anything. Once I learned to flip that, I would go and do things with myself as company all the time! Then things got really fun.”

People sometimes equate being alone to loneliness. Think about the times people think it’s sad when they see a person eating alone at a restaurant. However, people eating alone, or doing any activities by themselves, have figured out how to be content with spending time by themselves.

3. “Improving Myself”

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“If I’m not happy with where I am in my life, I dedicate a concrete block of time every week to improving my life.” Even if it doesn’t really make the person happy, they’re at least doing much better than before. And the sense of accomplishment is enough to take away the loneliness.

Improving one’s self by watching educational videos, cooking, journaling, or going to the gym are some of the ways Redditors distract themselves from their loneliness. “Just do one thing for yourself, no matter how small. You’ll get there eventually, but once you’ve done it, take a moment to reflect on it, and allow yourself to feel good about accomplishing it.”

4. “Music. All Day”

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A few Redditors shared that they have listened to 100,000 minutes of songs in a year trying to go through times of loneliness. Music has the power to affect emotions, so if listening to music is the go-to loneliness buster, a person has to be thoughtful in choosing the songs.

Lonely music might lead to sadder moments, while upbeat music may switch the mood to a lighter one. “In practice, it doesn’t always work out so great. One sad song turns into a few, then you’re in a whole other head space. But, when it works, it’s awesome!”

5. “I Live With It”

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To some, since loneliness has become a recurring emotion, they just learn to live with it. “If it’s constant, you have to learn how to love yourself more. Not easy at all, but doable. And when you have, the lonely days become minimal.”

Some commenters just “suffer in silence.” Then, they channel the loneliness into other activities and hobbies.

6. Getting Pets

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Having pets helped many Redditors fight loneliness. Pets become a welcome distraction because they’re living creatures that need constant care. Cats, dogs, bunnies, and different animal companions become beloved members of the family and sometimes even seem to understand when we are lonely.

Loneliness is a complicated emotion. It can be the result of many different things. It could be unfortunate circumstances in life such as disconnecting with people you value, financial struggles, or big and sudden changes.

There’s Always Something You Can Do

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Whatever the reason may be, there’s always something you can do about it. It may not be something you can eliminate just by deciding to be happy, but you can slowly ease out of the negativity.

Connecting with people, focusing your energy to improve yourself, and loving yourself more are just some of the things you can do to combat loneliness.

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