‘Taco Bell knew this was needed in the hood’: Bank-Like Security Feature at Fast Food Checkout

A TikToker recently highlighted the bank-level security feature at a Taco Bell drive-thru in Dallas, TX, sparking a debate over rising crime and the need for such extreme security measures in fast-food restaurants.

The heavy steel drive-thru window, similar to a bank teller’s, is a response to the increasing number of fast-food robberies and shootings in the area.

The Viral TikTok Video

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User Wendee, filmed the video while grabbing food at the Taco Bell drive-thru. The video, viewed over 1.7 million times as of publication, shows a heavy steel drive-thru window that rotates to reveal her Taco Bell meal.

The text overlay reads: “30th and Winslow. Taco Bell knew this was needed in this hood,” highlighting the necessity of such security in the neighborhood.

Public Reaction

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The public reaction to the video has been mixed. Some users shared their experiences with other restaurants that have taken similar security measures to protect their staff and products.

Others expressed concern about the level of security and what it indicates about the community.

Comments ranged from surprise that even banks do not require such protection to concerns about the underlying issues in the community that necessitate such security measures.

The Situation in Dallas

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Unfortunately, the new security feature at this Taco Bell may be warranted, with Dallas having seen a rash of fast-food robberies in the past few years.

Anthony Barnes, 25, was taken into custody after allegedly robbing 10 fast-food restaurants in Dallas and Farmers Branch within a month. He is facing charges of aggravated robbery and being a felon possessing a firearm.

The robberies were committed at gunpoint, with Barnes driving off in a gray Kia Soul each time. The spree began on February 27, with the last theft occurring at a Burger King in Red Bird.

The total amount stolen from the eateries is still unclear. Barnes is in jail with bail set at more than $1 million.

The Surge In Auto Theft In Dallas

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In another incident, auto theft surges in Dallas, including a case at a luxury restaurant. Richard Gerstenberg discovered his 2018 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck had been stolen while dining at Nick & Sam’s on Maple Avenue.

Despite the valet ticket clearly stating the company is not responsible for loss or damage, Gerstenberg expressed disappointment at the lack of assistance from the valet company and the restaurant.

Pieces of his chopped-up truck were later found abandoned near Ennis. With auto theft on the rise in Dallas, especially in the Central Patrol area, residents and visitors are advised to take extra precautions to secure their vehicles.

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