Woman Gets Corneal Ulcer Due to Neglected Contact Lens Hygiene: A Cautionary Tale

Eye problems are generally unpleasant, but sometimes, they can escalate to severe conditions that threaten one’s vision.

The Incident

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In a recent tiktok video, a user shared a harrowing experience that began on July 18, 2023. She noticed that her eye was red and puffy, initially assuming it was a case of pink eye.

Despite seeking medical assistance and receiving treatment, her condition worsened, leading to a five-day hospital stay.

Eventually, she was diagnosed with a corneal ulcer, an open sore on the cornea’s outer layer caused by an infection.

The Warning

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In a heartfelt she urged others to take proper care of their contact lenses and eyelashes to prevent similar incidents. “You can get this from getting your eyelashes done, not cleaning them properly,” she warned.

She emphasized the importance of removing contact lenses before sleeping and regularly changing the lens solution and cases.

“This is serious,” she stressed, urging others to take the necessary precautions to avoid ending up in a similar situation.

The Aftermath

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Following her initial post, received an outpouring of support and concern from her followers. Many sent prayers and well-wishes, while others took her story as a warning to be more diligent about their eye care routines.

Despite the criticism she faced for seemingly not taking proper care of her contacts, she clarified that the corneal ulcer resulted from not changing the lens solution regularly.

A follow-up update revealed that her vision had become blurry, likening it to looking through a bathroom window. She expressed uncertainty about whether her eye would fully recover or if she might face permanent vision loss or even blindness.

Corneal Infections and Sleeping in Contact Lenses: A CDC Report

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highlighted the significant risks associated with sleeping in contact lenses through a report detailing six cases in the United States between 2016 and 2018.

Sleeping in contact lenses increases the risk of contact lens-related eye infections by six to eight times. Approximately one-third of contact lens wearers report sleeping or napping with their lenses on.

These infections, primarily affecting the cornea and known as microbial keratitis, can lead to severe adverse health outcomes, including corneal damage and potential permanent vision loss.

The report emphasizes that contact lens wearers must adhere to the recommendations provided by eye care professionals, including avoiding wearing lenses during sleep.

Serious Health Implications

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The six cases in the report illustrate the serious health implications of not following proper contact lens wear and care habits.

The consequences of these infections ranged from the need for frequent administration of antibiotic eye drops and multiple medical appointments to permanent eye damage.

In some cases, surgical intervention was necessary to address the infections, which were reported as adverse events to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The CDC urges both eye care professionals and patients to report cases of contact lens-related infections to the FDA to help gather data that can be used to improve guidelines and safety measures.

The report also highlights the importance of raising awareness about the risks of sleeping in contact lenses and encouraging adherence to all recommendations for the proper wear and care.

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