Woman Accuses Target of Playing “Favorites” with Circle Rewards Program

A dedicated shopper accuses Target of showing “favorites” in its Circle Rewards store credit bonus distribution. Her observation might be accurate based on the reactions from other shoppers participating in the program.

The Incident

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In a viral video, she compared her rewards with a friend’s, revealing different reward thresholds. Various users chimed in with their own experiences, confirming the disparities in reward payouts.

Some speculated that these variations might be based on spending habits, while others noted that their rewards fluctuated. The Krazy Coupon Lady, a coupon blog, affirmed that bonuses do vary among shoppers, although Target’s Circle Rewards information page does not mention different reward points structures.

Discrepancies In Reward Payouts

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The TikToker pointed out that different users have different spending thresholds to earn rewards, with some needing to spend more than others to achieve similar or even lesser rewards.

This raises questions about the fairness and transparency of the rewards program, as users are seemingly unaware of these discrepancies and the criteria determining their reward thresholds.

Speculations on Reward Criteria

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Some users speculated that the reward criteria might be based on individual spending habits, with the rewards program encouraging users to spend slightly more than their usual amount to earn rewards.

However, this theory needs to be confirmed, and Target’s lack of clear information leaves users puzzled and potentially feeling unfairly treated.

Navigating Through Target’s Circle Rewards Program

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This unique loyalty program is known as Target Circle. Unlike other retailers that charge membership perks, Target Circle is free and provides members various benefits. Members earn 1% in Target Circle rewards on eligible purchases. These rewards accumulate over time and can be used for future shopping.

Members can sign in to their Target Circle account for online shopping or use Target’s app to avail of deals and earn rewards. In-store shoppers can provide their phone number at checkout or scan the Target Circle barcode via the Target app. If members need to remember to use their Target Circle account in-store, they can enter the receipt number online within seven days to earn rewards.

Exclusive Benefits and Limitations of Target Circle

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Benefits of the Target Circle membership include access to exclusive deals, annual birthday gifts offering 5% off a single purchase, the ability to vote for select local and national nonprofits influencing Target’s donations, and partnerships with brands like Apple and Ulta Beauty.

Target also offers the RedCard, a store card exclusive for Target purchases. RedCard holders receive a 5% discount on eligible purchases and other benefits like free shipping. However, RedCard holders cannot earn the 1% Target Circle rewards but can access exclusive deals and community support votes.

Balancing Rewards & Transparency In Customer Loyalty Programs

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Target Circle’s rewards program is a testament to the brand’s commitment to customer excellence. The program offers various rewards, from cashback to partnerships with brands like Apple and Ulta Beauty. Members can avail of multiple discount offers, an annual birthday gift, and even vote for charitable organizations for Target’s donations.

The program is also mobile-centric, allowing customers to browse, select, and avail discounts. Target’s app enhances the shopping experience with quick scans, barcode displays, and in-store functionality.

However, every program has its flaws. Target Circle’s fine print excludes certain services from the RedCard program, such as prescription medications and Target Optical services. Additionally, the actual value of the Target Circle program is hidden behind its RedCard payment cards.

While the RedCard offers significant benefits, not every customer can add another card to their wallet, limiting the program’s accessibility. The incident highlights the importance of transparency and fairness in customer reward programs.

How can companies ensure that their reward programs are fair and transparent, providing equal opportunities for all users to earn rewards? How can they clearly communicate the criteria and structures of such programs to avoid confusion and potential feelings of injustice among users?

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