Tenants’ Famous TikTok Reveals Shocking Truth Behind ‘Landlord Special’ Paint Jobs

When preparing an apartment for a new tenant, landlords often opt for a fresh coat of paint. This rejuvenates the space and makes any potential tenant-caused damage more evident.

However, not all landlords invest the same care into their paint jobs, leading to a peculiar trend known as the “landlord special.”

You will know the bizarre and sometimes comical ways landlords have repainted apartments, sparking a wave of tenant-driven DIY responses.

The ‘Landlord Special’ Chronicles

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The term “landlord special” has gained traction online as tenants share their experiences with less-than-stellar paint jobs. Some stories border on the absurd, such as a landlord painting over a box of raisins left behind by a previous tenant.

Others narrate more concerning tales, alleging that landlords have casually covered up potential health hazards like mold.

Tenant DIY: Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands

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In response to these questionable paint jobs, some tenants have embraced the idea of fixing things themselves, humorously labeling their handiwork as “landlord specials.”

Mels showcased their repair of a wall in a video that garnered a lot of views. It’s a humorous and relatable way to cope with the quirks of rental living.

Shocking Allegations

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While some tenant anecdotes veer towards the lighthearted, others are genuinely unsettling. Users have claimed that landlords painted over hair left in the apartment or even worse, they painted over evident mold.

One commenter shared a story of deep mold in a roommate’s room that was painted over not once but twice. These instances raise concerns about tenants’ well-being and property management quality.

Speculation Runs Wild

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The online community is rife with speculation as tenants examine their walls, wondering if their landlords might have employed similar questionable techniques.

Some believe that the peculiar paint jobs they’ve seen online may explain the unusual appearance of their walls. It’s a reminder that, in renting, the unexpected can often become the norm.

The “landlord special” paint job trend highlights the unique challenges tenants face in rental properties. While some instances may elicit laughter, others reveal serious property maintenance and tenant well-being issues.

About Painting Rental Property

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Freshly painted walls can make a rental property more attractive to new tenants and can increase its value.

Painting is an affordable way to upgrade and refresh a property, especially when compared to other renovations.

Some cities have laws that regulate the upkeep of rental properties, including painting requirements.

Repainting can improve the ambiance of a home by removing odors, stains, and improving indoor air quality.

Landlords have options when tenants want to paint the rental property: they can say no, allow it with conditions, or fully agree with certain precautions.

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