Tenant’s Warning: DIY Peel-and-Stick Tiles from Amazon Cause Bathroom Catastrophe– ‘Not renter-friendly’

A TikToker shared a warning about using stick-on tiles in rental bathrooms after facing a predicament that might cost her the security deposit.

The video, viewed over 114,000 times, shows the user Christiansen’s bathroom wall damaged after she tried to remove stick-on tiles, bought from Amazon, that had been in place for three years. The experience serves as a caution to renters considering similar DIY decor solutions.

A Sticky Situation: The Aftermath of Peel-and-Stick Tiles

Erika Christiansen, who regularly shares DIY and home improvement content online, recently posted a video, showcasing the aftermath of removing stick-on tiles she had purchased from Amazon three years prior. Christiansen’s bathroom wall was left in a distressed state after she attempted to remove the stick-on tiles.

“I’m going to go ahead and say that these peel-and-stick subway tiles from Amazon are not renter-friendly,” she commented while showing the faux backsplash and the shredded wall from which she removed the “tiles”. She humorously added in the video’s caption,

“If ur my landlord seeing this it’s just a filter.”

@erikadoesitherself if ur my landlord seeing this it’s just a filter #renterfriendly #renterfriendlymakeover #bathroommakeover #peelandsticktile ♬ original sound – Erika Christiansen

Community Support and Suggestions: Navigating the DIY Dilemma

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Viewers attempted to comfort and provide solutions to Christiansen. One suggested, “It’s fixable if you’re allowed to paint.” Christiansen responded that she might be in a gray area with her landlord, noting, “I actually don’t think I’m allowed to do anything. I just make DIY content so I plan on putting it back how I found it when I leave.”

Another viewer proposed, “At that point, I’d just install real tile and hope they credit you instead of taking $ out of your deposit.” Christiansen explained her plan: “I’m not moving out anytime soon, so my plan was to patch the drywall and put up some wallpaper!”

Some viewers speculated that the problem might have arisen due to the tiles being applied to matte paint. “Yeaaaa peel and stick on matte paint is a bigggggg no no,” wrote a viewer. Christiansen responded,

“I genuinely think this was a freak accident because I’ve NEVER seen this happen to anyone else.”

Navigating the Balance: Tenant Decorating Freedom vs. Property Preservation

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Erika Christiansen’s experience serves as a crucial reminder of the potential pitfalls renters may encounter when undertaking DIY projects in their living spaces. While the desire to personalize a rented space is entirely understandable, it’s vital to consider the long-term implications and potential damage that certain enhancements might cause.

Landlords often find themselves in a predicament, desiring to allow tenants the freedom to decorate and make the space their own, while also being mindful of preserving the property’s value and avoiding potential damages.

Some landlords allow painting, especially in neutral hues, with the stipulation that the tenant will return the color to its original state upon moving out. Interior decoration, such as furniture and wall art, is typically allowed, with the expectation that tenants will repair any damage, such as filling holes, before vacating.

Establishing Clear Boundaries: What Tenants Should Avoid

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Landlords often set specific boundaries on decorating activities to safeguard the property and minimize the maintenance required during turnover. Wallpaper, for instance, is generally discouraged due to the difficulty of removal.

Even if tenants offer to bear the cost, the subsequent removal and potential damage to the walls present a significant concern. Additionally, landlords typically prohibit the painting of any trim, particularly if it is natural wood, to preserve the aesthetic and integrity of the property.

The American Apartment Owners Association (AAOA) provides various resources, including customizable landlord-tenant forms, to assist landlords in navigating these challenges and establishing clear, mutually agreeable decorating guidelines with tenants.

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