‘That is Insane’: Shopper Expresses Outrage Over Kraft’s Miracle Whip Pricing

In an era where every dollar counts, the rising tide of grocery prices is causing more than just a dent in our wallets. While inflation’s grip may have loosened, its lingering effects are most palpable when we stroll down supermarket aisles.

But here’s a twist: Would you believe that a jar of Miracle Whip could cost as much as a gourmet meal?

The Sticker Shock Phenomenon

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There have been numerous instances where individuals have expressed their astonishment at the current prices of groceries. For instance, a user sparked a discussion earlier in July after revealing that $100 only procured him a modest amount of food.

Comparisons have been drawn between this year’s prices and those of previous years. A shopper from a popular retail store mentioned that the same order from 2021 now costs 42% more.

Similarly, another customer from a different store compared the prices with those from 2020 and found a staggering increase of 41%.

The Miracle Whip Controversy

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A recent incident that caught attention was when a user claimed that her local Key Food store in Cape Coral, Florida, priced a 30 oz jar of Miracle Whip at a whopping $13.99.

This discovery was met with disbelief, especially when Linda Souders, the user in question, shared her experience in a video that garnered over 12,000 views by Sunday morning.

She was shocked, saying,

“Can somebody tell me when Miracle Whip went up to $13.99? They have got to be losing their mind.”

However, this seems to be an isolated case. For comparison, Walmart’s price for the same 30 oz jar of Miracle Whip stands at $5.76, and Safeway offers it at a “Member Price” of $7.49, down from $10.79.

Souders also mentioned that she found the product at a more reasonable price in other stores in her vicinity.

Consumer Reactions to Skyrocketing Prices

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The general sentiment among consumers is one of dismay and frustration. Many have shared their experiences and memories of a time when prices were more affordable.

One user nostalgically remembered the days when Miracle Whip was available for just $2.99 on sale. Another commented on the overall rise in prices, stating,

“Everything so expensive. Cost me $244 this week at a popular grocery store, and I live alone.”

The rising prices are not limited to condiments. A user pointed out that a 10 lb bag of potatoes, which cost $2.99 five years ago, is now priced at $7.99.

There’s also a growing sentiment that corporations are capitalizing on the current situation. One user remarked,

“Corporate greed. Blaming it on various factors. But then they report record profits. This is why people resort to theft. Not the other way around.”

Another user added, “That is insane”.

Surge In Grocery Prices

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The rising cost of groceries has become a pressing concern for many, especially in recent times. A report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office[1] sheds light on this issue:

Inflation & Beyond

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Last year, U.S. consumers experienced the most significant annual increase in food prices since the 1980s. While inflation played a role, other factors such as global disruptions to the food supply chain had an even more profound impact.

Supply Chain Disruptions

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Events like weather changes, animal and plant diseases, and the recent outbreak of Avian Flu can cause prices to surge.

Additionally, unique challenges in 2022, like the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, disrupted the food supply chain, leading to price hikes in various commodities.

Varied Impact

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The effect of these price increases was different. For instance, while some areas like Detroit, Michigan saw a 14.5% increase, others like Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Florida experienced a rise of about 5%.

The type of food also mattered, with grains and bakery products seeing a 13% increase, while meats, poultry, and fish went up by about 10%.

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