‘That should be a criminal offense’ Customer Criticizes CVS for Selling Cards That ‘Celebrate’ Weight Loss

In a world where body image struggles are rampant and the pressure to conform to societal standards is ever-present, a recent discovery at a popular drugstore has sparked a heated debate.

The Discovery that Stirred the Pot

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On August 17, 2023, a CVS customer named Alex Joy Pucci brought to light an unsettling find in the greeting card section of her local store.

Through a 12-second post on a popular social media platform, Alex showcased a card titled “Weigh to Go”, congratulating individuals on their weight loss, accompanied by a scale graphic displaying the word “yay!” on its screen.

Alex expressed her disdain for the card, emphasizing that the number on a scale is arbitrary and does not define a person’s worth.

The Backlash and Support: A Divided Response

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Alex’s discovery has elicited a wave of responses, with many echoing her sentiment that such cards can be hurtful and distasteful, especially for individuals who have undergone significant weight loss.

One user shared their personal experience, stating that receiving such a card would have brought them to tears, not of joy but of sadness. A user stated, “That should be a criminal offense.” However, the reactions were not uniformly negative.

Some appreciated the card, viewing it as a recognition of their hard work and dedication to a healthier lifestyle. They argued that the card could serve as a form of encouragement and support from their loved ones.

The Underlying Issue: Body Image and Self-Esteem

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The controversy surrounding the greeting card brings to the forefront the ongoing issues of body image and self-esteem that plague society.

Despite the rise of body positivity movements and songs encouraging individuals to love themselves, many still grapple with weight insecurities, exacerbated by the pervasive influence of online media.

According to critics, the greeting card at CVS further fuels these insecurities by promoting a singular notion of the “perfect body”, potentially damaging individuals’ mental health and self-esteem.

Similar Incident

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Similarly, an article by Jon Danzig on PubMed Central highlights a controversy surrounding a Hallmark birthday card that used the image of Mary Ann Bevan, a woman who suffered from a disfiguring disorder called acromegaly.

The card, which made fun of Bevan, who was once dubbed “the world’s ugliest woman”, was criticized for exploiting her image and condition for profit, thereby perpetuating body image issues and disrespect towards individuals with health conditions.

This incident echoes the broader societal problem where commercial entities capitalize on body image insecurities, further fueling the cycle of body shaming and mental health issues.

A Call for Sensitivity and Awareness

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In light of this incident, fostering a more inclusive and sensitive approach to weight and body image is essential.

Critics of the card urge for a shift in focus from “scale victories” to “non-scale wins”, encouraging individuals to celebrate their personal growth and well-being, rather than fixating on a number on the scale.

As society navigates the complex landscape of body image and self-worth, it is crucial to be mindful of the messages conveyed through everyday items, like greeting cards, and to promote a more inclusive and empathetic perspective on weight and health.

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