“That’s $35 an Hour and That’s Amazing” — Capital One Offers Remote Job That Pays $74-84k Without Requiring Degree

Imagine landing a dream job that lets you work from home, offers a hefty salary, and doesn’t demand a college degree.

Sounds too good to be true? Not according to Grace Waterman, a TikToker and stay-at-home mom, who revealed a golden opportunity at Capital One that’s set the internet abuzz.

The role, a Velocity Black Travel Specialist, promises an annual pay of $74,000 to $84,000 for helping clients with travel plans and negotiating deals worldwide. Here’s the full scoop.

High Salary, No Degree Required

In the clip, Grace outlines that the job advertisement is for a Velocity Black Travel Specialist position. The role encompasses helping clients with travel arrangements (like commercial flights, hotel stays, holiday homes, and car hires); utilizing an online travel platform known as the Global Distribution System (GDS) for booking and engaging with providers; and negotiating with global vendors to secure the most competitive prices, benefits, and services available.

Grace adds,

“Ideally, they’re looking for someone who has experience in a travel agency so if you’ve booked travel for clients before, you’re already one step ahead.”

The position requires at least a high school diploma or its equivalent, a minimum of one year’s experience in a travel agency, the capability to thrive in a demanding setting with stringent deadlines, and readiness to work during the evening and over weekends.

Grace points out, “For someone who doesn’t have a college degree and the starting pay is $74k, that’s $35 an hour and that’s amazing in my opinion. And you’re also working from home, so that’s a plus,” she ends on a high note.

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Rigorous Expectations

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While the position seems ideal, some TikTok users who are familiar with the role or company warned of a highly competitive field and rigorous performance expectations. They mentioned intense peer reviews and the potential for pre-hire credit checks, indicating that the job might not be as easily attainable as it appears.

“It’s competitive and requires you to talk a LOT,” one viewer remarked.

Another warned of rigorous peer reviews, commenting,

“They’ll also rate you against your coworkers brutally in 360 feedback. People can say what they want about your performance unchecked. Good luck!”

There were also mentions of financial background checks prior to employment. “Don’t know if this changed from 3 years ago but here in Nevada [Capital One] pulls your credit report before they hire you,” a commenter noted.

Some viewers expressed disappointment about the job listing’s short lifespan on Capital One’s site, indicating that such remote job opportunities tend to be fleeting and easy to miss.

The Unstoppable Rise of Remote Work

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The landscape of professional employment is undergoing a seismic shift, with remote work proving not just a temporary exigency but a permanent fixture in global business strategy. Data scientists from Ladders project that by the end of 2022, a staggering 25% of all professional jobs in North America will be performed remotely.

This isn’t a mere incremental shift; it’s a fundamental transformation in the way we conceive of work, life, and the balance between them. The pandemic has only accelerated this trend, with remote job opportunities skyrocketing from a mere 4% of all high-paying jobs to an impressive 15% today.

This shift isn’t just about convenience; it’s about necessity, with the American Psychological Association’s Work and Well-Being survey revealing a worrying increase in work-related stress.

The message is clear: the traditional office-bound paradigm is no longer viable for the modern workforce.

The New Norms in Employment

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Parallel to the rise of remote work is the democratization of job opportunities. Recent data from LinkedIn indicates a significant uptick in remote job postings that notably do not require a college degree. This development speaks volumes about the changing attitudes towards education and skill in the professional realm.

From customer service to administrative roles, the doors are opening wider for individuals who may have previously found them closed. This trend is not just about expanding opportunities; it’s also about catering to a workforce that craves flexibility.

A Microsoft survey underscores this, with 73% of employees desiring flexible remote options post-pandemic.

The implications are profound, signaling a future where talent is no longer geographically tethered, and professional fulfillment is no longer predicated on a traditional degree. The future of work is here, and it’s remote, flexible, and more inclusive than ever before.

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