The Gen Z Disconnect: “Practice what you preach, y’all.”

Generation Z has propelled social activism to unprecedented levels in today’s interconnected world. They express their aspirations for a kinder, more tolerant, and inclusive society. However, a resurfacing video has sparked a discussion about the contradiction between Gen Z’s macro-scale activism and their actions on a micro-scale.

The video started off with,

“I find it very interesting that Gen Z tends to be very pro doing good deeds on a macro scale, but not on a micro-scale. That includes fighting against things that we think are inherently bad, like bigotry or, you know,people who say capitalism is evil”

She highlights an exciting observation about Gen Z’s engagement in social activism.

While this generation is often seen as supportive of large-scale initiatives for the betterment of society, there appears to be a disparity regarding their actions in individual relationships and interactions on a smaller scale.

Contradictions: Macro Advocacy vs. Micro Interaction

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The content creator further laid out her points, saying,

“On a micro scale, when it comes to our personal real-life relationships, it becomes ‘I don’t owe anyone anything,’ and politeness is considered fake.”

While Gen Z advocates for kindness and respect on a macro scale, their behavior in personal relationships often lacks these virtues. This suggests that politeness is deemed disingenuous, and the notion of owing anyone anything is dismissed.

This discrepancy between advocating for kindness in the world and failing to deliver it in individual interactions is highlighted as a significant contradiction within the generation’s worldview. She expressed,

“Advocating for kindness on a macro scale but not delivering it on a micro-scale is hypocritical.”

This highlights legitimate concerns regarding the consistency of Gen Z’s activism and its impact, emphasizing the significance of aligning actions with the principles advocated on a larger scale. Encouraging Gen Z to demonstrate kindness and respect in their personal relationships is a potential way to foster a kinder and more tolerant world.

By embodying the values they aspire to see in society, Gen Z has the potential to exert a meaningful influence on societal progress.

Call for Self-Reflection

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The TikTok video sparks an introspective conversation within Gen Z and beyond.

Some commentators praised the video’s analysis, recognizing the importance of maintaining respect and basic human decency in daily interactions,

“I think it’s also their age. I was of the ‘change the world’ mindset before I turned 26 and realized I needed to start with me.”

However, others have voiced skepticism, questioning the extent to which individuals are responsible for enacting societal change on a micro-scale. Another one commented,

“This is just a smart way of saying something like, ‘Why don’t you stop advocating for the homeless and let them into your home.'”

Critics argue that while personal relationships are vital, the burden of societal change cannot solely rest on individuals. Instead, they contend that systemic issues require broader collective efforts rather than individual acts of kindness.

However, the video creator argues that change begins personally; fostering respectful interactions is a foundation for a more inclusive society.

She ends the video with,

“Practice what you preach, y’all.”

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