What Will Die With the Boomers: These Items Are Likely to Become Extinct

In an increasingly digital world, have you ever paused to ponder the destiny of practices from the pre-digital era? What will fade away as older generations make way for the new?

Let’s explore the transformation from the boomer generations, and what is changing.

Paper Maps & Travel Agents Vanishing

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The discussion sparked with observation during a visit to the local AAA office.

“They still have shelf upon shelf of paper maps. As I waited for assistance, I looked around and realized this place was hopping…customers being helped at multiple desks. I was the only person there under about 65, and I overheard most of the people there booking travel. I suddenly remembered that, oh yeah, travel agents were a thing! Or are they still a thing, apparently. We booked our whole trip online ourselves, ofc.”

The potential disappearance of paper maps and travel agents, two once commonplace things, that are now becoming increasingly rare due to digital alternatives.

Those things becoming obsolete is possible, but there is a more likely scenario.

Paper Maps May Survive

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“I think paper maps will always be a thing. They’re handy in case of emergencies. But I think they’ll be published like every 3-5 years instead of every year.”

Despite the rise of digital maps, some participants believe that paper maps will continue to exist due to their utility in emergencies. However, their frequency of publication may decrease.

Travel Agents: The Chameleons of the Digital Era

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“I think travel agents will become more like travel planners -to take care of things you don’t want to deal with for a price.”

While the traditional role of travel agents may be diminishing, some users suggest that they could evolve into travel planners, offering a more personalized service for those willing to pay.

The End of Paper Checks and Bank Tellers

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“Paper checks. I admit I do still have a checkbook and occasionally write checks, but it is becoming less and less frequent. Speaking of banking, tellers. I have never seen anyone under 60 or so use the tellers at my bank.”

Paper checks and bank tellers are also seen as likely to disappear, with digital banking and automated services taking their place.

Travel Agencies Bounce Back

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“I’ve been told that travel agents are making a bit of a comeback because it’s getting harder to find actual good deals online. Plus, travel agents often have good relationships with the places they book, so you end up with more perks and introductions to local people who can give you a less touristy experience.”

Some believe that travel agencies could make a comeback. Finding good deals online becomes more challenging, so the personalized service and insider knowledge of travel agents could become more valuable.

Shifting from Physical to Digital

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Digital transformation refers to the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business or society, fundamentally changing how operations are conducted, and value is delivered. It is the driving force behind the potential disappearance of certain pre-digital practices associated with the Baby Boomer generation.

The discussion highlights the shift from physical to digital in various aspects of life. For instance, the use of paper maps and travel agents is declining because digital alternatives like GPS, and online booking platforms become more prevalent.

It’s a clear example of digital transformation, where traditional and physical practices are being replaced by digital solutions offering greater convenience and efficiency.

The Evolution of Services

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Digital transformation is also leading to the evolution of certain services, like how travel agents may evolve into travel planners, offering a more personalized service for those willing to pay. This reflects how digital transformation is not just about replacing old practices with new ones, but also about enhancing existing services through digital technologies.

Banking In the Digital Age

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There is also a potential disappearance of paper checks and bank tellers, with digital banking and automated services taking their place. This is another example of digital transformation in the banking sector, where traditional banking practices are being replaced by digital solutions that offer 24/7 access, instant transactions, and other benefits.

Generational Change

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Perhaps many pre-digital practices will die with the Baby Boomers, implying that younger generations are more inclined towards digital practices. It highlights the role of generational change in digital transformation.

As younger, more digitally-savvy generations become the majority, the pace of digital transformation is likely to accelerate, leading to the further decline of pre-digital practices.

However, some pre-digital practices don’t have to become obsolete. While some pre-digital practices may fade away, others may evolve or even experience a resurgence.

The future is not set in stone, and it will be fascinating to see how these trends develop over time.

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