The Trash Can Alone Was $70: Tenant’s Decorating Excitement for New Apartment Takes an Unexpected Turn

Recently, the cost of home essentials, including trash cans, has skyrocketed, leaving many individuals, especially those moving into their first homes, in shock and disbelief.

A Viral Revelation

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A Los Angeles woman recently shared her astonishment at the exorbitant prices of basic home necessities, including trash cans, as she embarked on the journey to furnish her new apartment.

The excitement of decorating her first home was quickly overshadowed by the reality of the hefty price tags attached to even the most essential items, including a trash can that cost $70.

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“When I moved into my first apartment, I had all these fun ideas but the trashcan can alone was $70’

This revelation has struck a chord with many, garnering over 2.9 million views and over 1,900 comments on the video she shared online.

The Staggering Costs of Home Furnishing

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When planning a big move, especially to a new apartment, it is essential to budget appropriately for furnishing the new space.

The Furnishr blog provides a detailed guide on the costs of furnishing different types of apartments, from studios to three-bedroom units. It emphasizes the importance of considering the essential furniture pieces and the non-essential items that add a personal touch and make a house feel like a home.

The guide breaks down the costs for each room and offers tips on selecting furniture that suits your style and budget. It also highlights the benefits of opting for a turnkey furnishing solution, which can save time and reduce stress during moving.

The Trash Can Dilemma

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Trash cans, often perceived as a necessary yet begrudged household item, can sometimes come with a hefty price tag. The primary reason behind this is their durability; they are built to withstand years of use without showing signs of wear and tear, thanks to high-quality materials like stainless steel, plastic, or rubber.

These materials grant the trash cans longevity and make them practical and functional, helping keep spaces organized and clutter-free.

Furthermore, the market offers a wide range of trash cans, from decorative ones for bathrooms to practical ones for kitchens, with different features and designs that can influence their cost.

For instance, kitchen trash cans might have motion sensor tops or built-in compartments for storing trash bags, adding to their convenience and, consequently, their price. Moreover, the choice of material, design features, and even décor can play a significant role in determining the cost of a trash can.

Whether looking for a stylish stainless steel option that doesn’t absorb odors and is easy to clean or a bathroom trash can that serves as an accent piece, the market has numerous opportunities to meet your aesthetic and functional needs.

However, it is essential to research and consider your budget before purchasing to find a trash can that meets your requirements and complements your space aesthetically.

Public Outcry and Reactions

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The public’s reaction to the soaring prices has been nothing short of vocal. Many have taken to online platforms to express their confusion and resentment towards the high costs of basic home necessities.

Comments such as “Trash cans, bedding, VACUUMS why is existing so expensive :(” and “YES why are trash cans so expensive I don’t get it” are becoming increasingly common.

Others have shared their shock at the prices of other home essentials, including couches, pillows, and rugs, which also seem to have exorbitant price tags attached to them.

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