‘They have no shame’ Server Exposes Repeat Customers Who Promise Cash Tips Only to Take Them Back & Calls Them Out

In recent times, tipping has become a contentious topic, stirring a myriad of opinions among patrons of businesses.

While some customers have grown weary of the pervasive tipping prompts in many point-of-sale systems, others staunchly oppose the practice altogether, advocating for fair wages from employers instead.

Despite the differing viewpoints, a significant portion of the populace still regards tipping as an appropriate gesture, especially in sit-down restaurants.

A Disturbing Account from a Waitress

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A waitress recently highlighted a disturbing trend involving a pair of regular customers at the restaurant where she works. Despite consistently receiving excellent service, these individuals have developed a habit of tip-baiting the waitress and her colleagues.

The former waitress, the content creator, revealed that one of the regulars is acquainted with one of her coworkers, who initially suspected that the lack of tips might be a personal issue. However, it soon became apparent that this was their modus operandi.

She said the two customers would assure the server they intended to leave a cash tip. Despite both promising to do so, only one would place money on the table, which would disappear before the server could collect it.

This deceitful act has left many servers baffled and frustrated as they strive to provide good service, only to be met with dishonesty.

Public Reaction and Suggestions

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The incident has sparked a flurry of reactions from the online community, with many suggesting ways to address the issue without causing a confrontation.

Some proposed asking the customers to hand over the tip directly to prevent supposed thefts, which have been used as an excuse.

“I would walk up and say omg I think someone stole the tip! Im gonna have management check the cameras to see what happened!”

Others suggested involving the management to inquire about the repeated removal of tips, aiming to understand the root of the dissatisfaction, if any.

“I would have manager confront them. I see you have removed tip several times. Can I ask what the dissatisfaction was?”

Another one added, “They have no shame.”

Responding to the suggestions, the content creator acknowledged the merit of these ideas, noting that they might need to adopt such strategies in the future to curb this evil behavior.

Not an Isolated Case

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The gig economy, especially the food delivery sector, has witnessed a surge in the unethical practice known as “tip baiting”. This phenomenon involves customers enticing delivery drivers with the promise of a substantial tip to ensure quicker service, only to retract or significantly reduce the tip once the service has been rendered.

Various online communities, including those on Reddit, have become hotspots for discussions surrounding the legality and morality of tip baiting. Threads on the UberEATS and couriersofreddit subreddits are filled with individuals vehemently arguing against the practice, labeling it as outright illegal.

They emphasize that it exploits drivers who heavily depend on tips to augment their income.

The growing conversations on platforms like Reddit underscore the pressing need for regulatory interventions to curb this malpractice and safeguard the rights and earnings of delivery personnel.

A petition on Change.org urges Uber Eats to support drivers by prohibiting tip removal, highlighting the financial strain and unjust treatment many face.

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