‘They have ZERO sense of urgency’ Viewers Rally to Support Customer’s Claim That It Takes 30 Minutes to Get a Publix Sub

Jeavanna Lanza recently went viral on TikTok after sharing her experience of waiting 30 minutes at Publix to complete her sandwich order.

This incident sparked a lot of online conversation, with many people relating to her struggle and sharing their experiences and frustrations with the sandwich-ordering process at Publix. Here’s the full scoop.

The Viral TikTok Video

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In the TikTok video posted by Lanza, she is seen standing in line at Publix with a text overlay that reads,

“If you want to test your patience, go wait in line for a Publix sub.”

She showed her followers a view of a Publix employee making her sandwich, and mentioned that the entire ordeal took 30 minutes from start to finish. The video amassed over 679,000 views, with many viewers expressing their agreement and sharing similar experiences.

Customer Frustrations

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Many commenters on the TikTok video expressed their frustration with the lack of urgency from Publix employees.

Comments such as “They have ZERO sense of urgency,” and “Why do they move soooo slow,” were common. Some customers have resorted to pre-ordering their subs to avoid the long wait times in line.

Others shared their pet peeves, like when they think the line will move quickly but it doesn’t because of large orders ahead of them.

Publix Employee Perspective

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Despite the complaints, at least one Publix worker defended their store in the comments section of the TikTok video. They explained that the line moves slowly because employees are tired and often get busy with in-person customers, causing them to stay caught up on online orders.

It’s a common trend for Publix workers to get swamped with large orders, contributing to the slow movement of the line.

“Guys, we’re tired as for online orders, we get busy w the in person customers and run behind”

The Publix Deli Dilemma

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Publix Supermarkets is renowned for its deli section and Sub Station, offering a delightful array of meals perfect for a hot summer day on the beach. However, frequent visitors and reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor highlight a significant issue – the notorious slowness of their deli section.

Despite their delicious offerings’ allure, customers often wait for extended periods, sometimes 15 to 20 minutes, to have their orders taken and sandwiches made.

This delay is attributed to high turnover, low pay, and inexperienced new employees, leading to insufficient staffing and a bottleneck during peak times, especially when numerous online orders are in the queue.

Solutions & Suggestions

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To combat this, Publix has introduced an app allowing customers to place their orders in advance, selecting a specific time frame for pickup, and ensuring their subs are ready at the desired time.

This feature extends beyond sandwiches, offering the ability to order sandwich platters, boxed lunches, and wraps. Despite the potential unavailability of desired time frames, this online ordering system proves essential during peak deli hours, providing a more streamlined and efficient process for customers and staff.

It is a testament to Publix’s commitment to enhancing customer experience, ensuring that despite the delays, patrons keep returning for their beloved Pub Subs and other deli delights.

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