‘They’re gonna sit there and stare at them with you’ Shopper Claims ‘Floor Walkers’ at Walmart Keep a Close Watch on His Every Move

Recently, a Walmart shopper has raised concerns about being constantly monitored by individuals referred to as “floor walkers” while shopping at the store.

The Claims

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The individual brought this issue to light through a series of viral videos. In these videos, he shares his personal experiences of being followed by these “floor walkers” every time he visits the store.

According to him, these individuals often resemble an average person, sometimes appearing as someone who “looks like your dad”, carrying a single item in their cart and following people around to catch them stealing.

He narrates specific incidents where he felt he was being watched, including times when he was shopping for Oreos or browsing baby wipes. These experiences, he says, have made his shopping trips extremely uncomfortable, forcing him to leave the store earlier than intended.

Moreover, he mentions that the presence of these “floor walkers” has sometimes influenced him to make purchases he wasn’t entirely sure about “They’re gonna sit there and stare at them with you, so you have no time to actually think” as he didn’t have the time to browse properly due to being watched.

Public Reactions

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The revelations have sparked a series of reactions from the public, with some sharing their encounters with these alleged “floor walkers”. Some claim to have developed strategies to deal with them, such as making direct eye contact or asking them about their job, which usually results in the “floor walker” leaving them alone.

Furthermore, customers are frustrated about allocating resources to these undercover employees, with many believing that these resources could be better utilized in other areas of the store, such as staffing check-out counters.

Clarifications on Terminology

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It is important to note that while some individuals refer to these people as “secret shoppers”, this is a misnomer.

“Secret shoppers” are typically hired to evaluate a company’s business operations from a customer’s perspective, and Walmart has explicitly stated online that they do not employ such individuals.

A Floorwalker’s Confession

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In a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session that took place a decade ago, a loss prevention “floorwalker” from a prominent international retail chain shared insights into their unique job role. This individual, sometimes called a “wannabe cop”, roams around the stores disguised as a regular customer.

Their primary role is to identify and apprehend individuals involved in shoplifting, protecting the company’s assets from theft and damage.

During the session, the floorwalker encouraged users to ask any questions as long as it didn’t compromise their undercover identity. The post has since been archived, which means new comments or votes cannot be added. The discussion attracted a variety of questions from the Reddit community.

Some were curious about the most bizarre incidents the floorwalker had witnessed, including the strangest items they’d seen being stolen and the weirdest activities they’d caught people doing that weren’t related to theft.

Potential Profiling

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Others were interested in the ethical dimensions of the job, asking about potential profiling situations and whether the floorwalker had ever wrongly accused someone.

Questions also touched upon the specific strategies used to identify potential shoplifters, including the signs or “tells” that might indicate someone is attempting to steal.

The floorwalker was also asked about the boundaries of their jurisdiction, particularly concerning the rumors that loss prevention staff cannot detain individuals once they step off the company’s property.

Furthermore, the community was keen to learn about the personal aspects of the floorwalker’s job, including the length of their service, what keeps them motivated, and if they had ever considered creating comedic content based on their daily experiences.

The session provided a rare glimpse into the world of retail loss prevention, shedding light on both the challenges and peculiarities of this line of work.

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