7 Things Gen Z Will Never Experience: According to Millennials

Every generation goes through formative experiences that define how they view the world. It could be technological, social, or any major world event that shapes the kind of society they become a part of. In keeping up with how older generations view the younger generation, millennials also have a generational divide with Gen Z.

The Millennials share some of the things they grew up with that Gen Z would never experience the same way the previous generation did.

1. Being Unreachable

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With the Internet and social media apps, reaching out to someone from halfway across the globe is easy.

Messages don’t have to take weeks or months before the other person can read them and there won’t be hard feelings if the reply comes after a few months. “It was ok to be unreachable.”

Smartphones and emails bridged the gap between mountains and oceans. In fact, according to Zippia ¹, American check their phone around 96 times a day and spend five hours and twenty-four minutes on the devices daily. 

2. Embarrassing Moments Are Kept Only In Memory

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“Do something stupid as a kid and not worry about it being immortalized on the Internet.”

In this day and age when almost everyone has a smartphone, blunders could go viral overnight.

Millennials’ embarrassing moments will haunt them every time they recall those memories. On the other hand, Gen Z can pull up those memories and relive the exact moment in just a few clicks while anyone else around the world could be doing the same.

3. Niche Internet

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“Social media sucks these days. We were never meant to be all under one roof.”

While communication and connection are some of the things that the Internet has greatly helped people with, it seemed that connecting everything still has a negative side.

Millennials think that people from all walks of life interacting on the world wide web got messy. They liked the Internet forums where specific things you’re interested in only comprise people who share the same interests as them.

4. Discovering Songs on the Radio

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The absolute joy of hearing a song that’s been stuck in your head for a week come on the radio and finally find out the artist/title.”

Gen Z didn’t have to wait long to find the music they liked. They can find songs just by typing in part of the lyrics or maybe even humming the tune and getting results instantly.

This shift happened back in 2017, as CBS News reported streaming had become the number one method of listening to music.

5. Renting Movies

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Blockbuster was definitely a huge part of the Millennial generation’s movie-watching culture.

“There was something really special about walking around the store and picking out the right movie, buying some snacks and really making an evening around watching a movie!”

With online streaming, Gen Z doesn’t have to do advanced preparations for movie night. Their friends don’t even have to be physically in the room to watch together.

6. Childhood Freedom

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Millennials spent their childhood doing or experiencing things freely without their parents constantly watching them or tracking their phones.

“I did not have a cell phone as a child. I rode my bike around town all the time. I would get home when I said I would, and my mother had no idea what I was actually doing. She couldn’t track my cell phone, or text me to get an update.”

7. Life Without Social Media

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Even though millennials have a large social media presence, they experienced a time when they had to actually socialize in person.

Even the shy and awkward, or the most introverted person had to do it to make connections with other people.

Nowadays, Gen Z meets people and makes friends while hidden away behind screens. And, there’s also that risk where a person may not be exactly who they portray to be online.

How Technology Shaped the Distinct Experiences of Millennials and Gen Z

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Technology played a huge part in the generational gap between Millennials and Gen Z.

Growing up without the Internet gave millennials a view of a world without people’s faces constantly on their screens, and being able to physically interact with them.

On the other hand, Gen Z seems to be experiencing everything through their smartphones and social media apps.

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