‘This deal is on the McDonald’s app’: McDonald’s Fan Discovers $5 Secret Combo That Works

With its iconic golden arches, McDonald’s has always been a go-to for familiar favorites. But a recent TikTok revelation has fans buzzing: a hidden $5 combo that’s been flying under the radar.

As the video gains traction, fast-food enthusiasts are left wondering what else they might be missing. Here’s the inside story on this secret steal.

The Secret Combo Revealed

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A TikTok video by user Brittney has garnered significant attention, with over 1.1 million views to date.

In the video, Brittney reveals a lesser-known offering at McDonald’s. “Do you know McDonald’s has a $5 meal that’s not on the menu?” she says, recording herself in her vehicle at a McDonald’s drive-thru.

She hints at a secret by whispering, “Watch,” and then approaches the order point. She requests the “$5 meal”, and the employee gives her the option of a double cheeseburger or a McChicken. Brittney chooses the double cheeseburger and also orders McNuggets with honey mustard sauce, selecting Hi-C Orange Lavaburst as her beverage.

Later, at her residence, Brittney displays her McDonald’s order. She says, “OK so a $5 meal gets you. I guess it’s either a double cheeseburger or a McChicken, so we got the double cheeseburger. We got chicken nuggets, not sure if it’s 4 or 6, it looks like 4.” She also verifies that the meal includes small fries and a large Hi-C drink.

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Public Reaction and Regional Variations

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Brittney’s revelation about the $5 meal at McDonald’s garnered a lot of reactions from viewers.

Many were appreciative of the tip. One user expressed gratitude, saying, “Thanks for the info. My kids order this at Wendy’s now they can at McDonald’s.”

However, some were taken aback by the affordability of the deal in comparison to their local McDonald’s prices. A user remarked, “Just a double cheeseburger at my McDonald’s is $4.89 before tax.”

Another person questioned the location of this deal, commenting, “Where do you live… Like what state because that would be almost $10 in California.”

A viewer pointed out that this wasn’t necessarily a hidden deal, stating, “This deal is on the McDonald’s app.”

Brittney responded to this comment, saying, “Oh ours won’t let [us] use that idk [why].”

Interestingly, a viewer mentioned that this deal is available on the McDonald’s app, to which Brittney responded that her local outlet doesn’t allow the use of the app for this deal. This suggests that the availability of this combo might be region-specific.

Variability in Fast Food Pricing

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McDonald’s, a globally recognized fast-food chain, has been observed to have inconsistent menu prices across different locations, even within the same city. This inconsistency can be as stark as a Big Mac combo meal priced at $17.59 in one location and a different price just a few streets away.

The primary reason for such price variations is the discretionary power given to franchise owners. Factors influencing these decisions include rent, labor costs, supplies, and even the proximity to colleges or universities.

For instance, in Calgary, the price of 20 Chicken McNuggets ranged from $11.69 to $16.39, with significant differences observed between outlets just a few kilometers apart. Similarly, in the U.S., the average price of a Big Mac varies, with New York having one of the highest prices.

Factors Influencing Price Discrepancies

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The franchise model of McDonald’s allows individual owners to set their prices based on various factors. In Darien, Connecticut, a Big Mac meal at a rest stop location is priced at a staggering $21.59 on GrubHub, significantly higher than the national average. Such price disparities are influenced by the cost of doing business in specific areas.

For instance, areas with high labor and real estate costs, like California and New York, tend to have higher menu prices. Additionally, the strategic location of an outlet, such as being the only fast-food option in a service station on a highway, can also command higher prices due to supply and demand dynamics.

It’s essential to understand that while McDonald’s is known for its affordability, prices can vary significantly based on the franchise owner’s decisions and local economic factors.

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