‘This is so smart’ Olive Garden Customer Shares the ‘$7 full course meal hack’, Declares Curbside as the New Drive-Thru Experience

Recently, a mother of two has discovered a new way to enjoy a fulfilling meal without breaking the bank, or stepping out of her car.

A Revelation In Curbside Dining

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This innovative approach leverages restaurants’ curbside pickup service, providing a refreshing alternative to the usual drive-thru options. This hack promises a full-course meal for just $7 at Olive Garden.

Somer Agnor, a mother seeking to grab a quick meal without waking up her sleeping baby in the car, stumbled upon a brilliant workaround to the limited options available at drive-thrus.

Instead of opting for the usual fast-food joints like McDonald’s or Wendy’s, Agnor decided to try the curbside pickup service at Olive Garden. This experience turned into a delightful “full-course lunch hack” she shared with her followers.

Agnor narrates her experience:

“I love doing this because sometimes I’m just sick of drive-thru food, and it’s still curbside so I don’t have to get out of my car.”

This video has since garnered over 170,000 views and nearly 100 comments, with many viewers expressing their amazement at this revelation.

The $7 Full-Course Lunch Hack

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The hack involves ordering a kid’s meal through the Olive Garden app, which comes with a drink, two breadsticks, an entrée, and a side.

Agnor chose spaghetti with Alfredo sauce and broccoli for her meal, and to her delight, she also received a salad, which usually doesn’t come with the kid’s meal. This fulfilling meal cost her just $7, offering a refreshing and affordable alternative to regular drive-thru options.

Community Engagement and Response

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The video not only went viral but also sparked a conversation among viewers who began sharing their own hacks and favorite lunch spots.

Comments ranged from suggestions of other restaurants offering similar services to personal experiences of enjoying a meal in the car while their children napped.

One user exclaimed,

“I always say I wish restaurants were drive-thru!! Why did I never think of curbside?!”

This sentiment was echoed by another user who admitted,

“I was today years old when I learned this is a thing.”

Another one added,

“This is so smart,” baffled that this hack actually exists.

Surge of Curbside Pick-Up Option

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In an online forum, users highlighted the burgeoning trend of curbside pickup services, a beacon of resilience and innovation in the pandemic-stricken business landscape.

Restaurants in Texas have adeptly pivoted to this model, offering free curbside pickups to entice a more extensive customer base, as discussed in a Reddit post.

This strategy has transcended the food sector, finding resonance in other businesses such as hair salons and pharmacies, which have creatively adapted to provide services outdoors or through curbside pickups, a phenomenon underscored in a Quora discussion.

This shift adheres to safety protocols and nurtures a loyal clientele who appreciate the convenience and comfort of receiving services without leaving their vehicles, illustrating businesses’ adaptability in these challenging times.

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