‘This is why we don’t tow cars’ Bartender Arrives at Work with a Full Parking Lot

In a world where the news often highlights the negative, it’s refreshing to witness moments that restore our faith in humanity.

One such instance was recently shared by a North Carolina bartender, Michelle Kimball, who was pleasantly surprised to find a whole parking lot but an almost empty bar.

This scenario, she explains, signifies a responsible choice made by the patrons to avoid driving under the influence.

A Pleasant Surprise on a Sunday Afternoon

Michelle Kimball, a famous bartender based in Charlotte, North Carolina, recently shared a heartwarming incident on a Sunday afternoon.

As she approached her workplace at around 1 p.m., she noticed several cars in the parking lot, leading her to anticipate a bustling environment.

However, upon entering, she found the bar nearly empty, with only one person present.

This is why we don’t tow cars. We encourage people to have a good time and leave their cars overnight if they shouldn’t drive
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Encouraging Responsible Choices

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Kimball couldn’t contain her joy at this sight, as it indicated that the patrons had chosen not to drive home under the influence, potentially saving lives, “Thank you to all of our patrons who drank responsibly and did not drink and drive,” she expressed gratefully in her video, which has garnered over 1.2 million views.

The caption accompanying the video read,

“This is why we don’t tow cars. We encourage people to have a good time and leave their cars overnight if they shouldn’t drive.”

This sentiment is echoed by many other establishments, with some even offering incentives like coupons for free appetizers or drinks as a token of appreciation for making a safe choice.

Drunk Driving Statistics: A Grim Reality

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Each day, about 28 people in America succumb to fatal injuries sustained in drunk-driving car crashes, as reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Over a decade from 2010 to 2019, the annual death toll exceeded 10,000 individuals.

The figures remain alarming despite reaching its lowest point in 2019 since the initiation of data collection in 1982. Approximately one-third of car crash fatalities involve drunk drivers, costing the nation over $44 billion annually. Alarmingly, in 2018, alcohol-impaired drivers took to the roads about 147 million times.

The statistics underscore the urgent need for heightened awareness and preventive measures to curb this menace that plagues American roads.

Initiatives to Curb Drunk Driving

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Several initiatives have been implemented to counteract the grim statistics to prevent drunk driving. Law enforcement agencies have established sobriety checkpoints, reducing fatalities and accidents by about 20%. Furthermore, campaigns like “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” aim to educate drivers about the dangers of drunk driving, especially during the festive season.

The introduction of ignition interlocks has also seen a decline in drunk driving fatalities, preventing individuals with high alcohol levels from starting their cars. Collaborative efforts, such as the partnership between Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and law enforcement agencies, amplify awareness through media events and promote road safety.

Community Engagement & Awareness

Kimball, dubbed as “Charlotte’s [platform name] bartender” by The Charlotte Observer, often shares insights and experiences from her work life through her popular online platform. In the comments section of her video, many individuals shared their local bars’ initiatives to encourage patrons to leave their cars overnight instead of driving drunk.

One user mentioned,

“The bar I work at, if someone does this we put a coupon for a free appetizer or drink to say thank you for not driving (:,” while another shared, “I left my car at a bar once and when I went to pick it up, some guy was out washing everyone’s cars! Like a thank you for not drinking and driving.”

Kimball also advises individuals to inquire about the bar’s towing policy if they are unsure about leaving their car overnight, promoting a culture of safety and responsibility.

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