7 Timeless Favorites that Everyone Will Always Love

Every generation will often hear things like “Kids these days…” or “When I was younger…” and then followed by something that the new generation will probably never understand. There’s always something that sets apart one generation from the other just because of the differences in lifestyle.

But even with differences, there are also things that everyone, whether young or old, will enjoy. Here are some of the things that are considered timeless, that no generation will argue over.

1. A Good Night’s Sleep/Naps

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Sleeping is one of the necessities in life. But nowadays, sleeping seemed to have become a luxury that not everyone can afford. With prices rising and the overall cost of living becoming higher, people are forced to work longer hours and sacrifice some precious sleeping time.

They’re even better today because sleep is, so much more scarce!” If people aren’t able to sleep the full 7-8 hours, squeezing in some naps can greatly help them regain some energy to take on more work.

2. Music

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They say music is universal because it speaks a language that we all understand. It is ever-present and has been a part of human existence ever since time immemorial. Each generation may see the rise of its icons, but their appeal is not limited to their time. There will always be people who will appreciate music no matter how old or young they get.

3. Ice Cream

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We all were kids once. The sweet and creamy frozen dessert is a treat that no kid has refused. Ice cream became a comfort food, especially during hot summer days. Many varieties have emerged to fit the tastebuds and diet of some people such as vegan, keto, and dairy-free ice cream.

The thousands of kinds and flavors just prove that ice cream is for everyone (here are some rather bizarre flavors). Kids always have a sweet tooth. And adults just grow into older kids who love ice cream because it reminds them of their childhood days.

4. Pizza

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Pizza is another comfort food that every generation will appreciate. The circular disc filled with a variety of toppings is a flavorful adventure on the tastebuds. The melty cheese, savory meat toppings, tangy tomato sauce, and soft crust are a combination of rich and complex flavors that draws you in. As one Redditor puts it,

“Came here to say this. Long live pizza!”

5. Chocolate

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It seems food is a common thing that anyone from each generation will agree upon. Another thing that Reddit users think everyone simply loves is chocolate. The sweet treat used to be a luxury that only the elite can taste. Luckily for us, chocolate is now a treat for the masses that everyone can enjoy.

6. “Kids These Days”

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Funnily enough, the phrase “Kids these days” always finds a place in the mouths of each generation whenever a young generation emerges. The older generations always have something to say about new trends and technologies that may be a little bit confusing to them.

7. Pets

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Pets have become valued members of people’s lives. They are considered part of the family and treat them the way we treat human family members. They provide companionship that is pure and simply brings joy and affection that sometimes may not even be present in other people.

Consider one family that can have three generations living in one home. A family pet is something they can all love unconditionally as they would every other family member in the house.

Final Thoughts

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No matter how big generational gaps could be, we can always bridge these gaps through things that we share in common. Sure, there will always be obvious differences in opinions, beliefs, and values but sometimes we just have to find the common denominator that will unite us.

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