‘Trashy Version Of Snow White’ Rachel Zegler Receives Backlash After Making A ‘Woke’ Statement About the Original Disney’s Snow White Story

In recent weeks, Rachel Zegler, the star of Disney’s live-action adaptation of “Snow White,” has faced significant backlash, particularly from conservative culture war accounts.

The Issue

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These accounts have accused Zegler of disrespecting the original 1937 animated version of “Snow White.” This criticism stems from a few interviews where Zegler made light-hearted remarks about the dated elements of the original film, referring to the prince as Snow White’s “stalker” and mentioning that the remake would not focus heavily on Snow White’s love life.

These comments, which seem to be part of Disney’s strategy to modernize the story, have not been well-received by a section of the audience who label the remake as “woke” and accuse Zegler of being ungrateful and promoting “girlboss feminism” and “anti-romance.”

The Spread of Misinformation

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The backlash has escalated to the spread of misinformation through various online platforms.

A series of videos have emerged, falsely claiming that Zegler has been fired from the project and that the movie has been canceled.

These videos have garnered nearly a million views each, with similar misinformation proliferating on YouTube. It is important to note that these claims are baseless.

Zegler has not responded to these rumors, as discussing the Snow White project would violate SAG-AFTRA’s strike guidelines, preventing her from defending herself against these false allegations.

The Reality of the Situation

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Despite the rumors, the truth remains that “Snow White” has not been canceled, and Rachel Zegler has not been fired. The movie is slated for release in March 2024, although there might be delays due to Disney rearranging its release calendar amidst ongoing strikes.

The controversy surrounding Zegler seems to be a minor hiccup in the grand scheme of Hollywood scandals, with her only “offense” being a few snarky interview quotes that went viral due to a hate campaign.

Looking Forward

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As the publicity tour for “Snow White” resumes, there are expected to be efforts to control the damage caused by these rumors. Zegler might make more positive remarks about the 1937 film to appease the critics. However, the controversy has already ignited a culture war similar to the one witnessed during the release of “The Last Jedi.”

Public Outcry

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The movie actress faces mixed reactions from the viewers. From brushing it off that it is “It’s an old interview” or “ This is from a year ago!”

Most of the viewers tend to bash the attitude of the actress regarding her comment on the storyline of the original snow white story.

One comment reads, “trashy version of snow white wont even bother watchin it the original is 1000 times better”

Another one added, “piss off I grew up with these types of films what gives you the right to ditch it”

Disney’s Snow White Controversy Explained

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The recent remake of Disney’s Snow White has ignited a fiery debate among audiences, particularly on platforms like TikTok and Reddit.

The controversy centers around casting a Colombian-American actress as Snow White and the significant alterations to the original story, including the removal of the iconic seven dwarfs and the shift in Snow White’s character arc from seeking true love to aspiring to be a leader.

Critics argue that these changes depart from the beloved classic, accusing Hollywood and the media of being out of touch with the core audience who crave the familiar narratives cherished for generations.

The discourse has escalated to accusations of racism and sexism towards those who express dissatisfaction with the new direction. Many feel that the media quickly labels them as bigots, overshadowing genuine concerns about the radical alterations to the story.

The debate reflects a broader societal discussion on the balance between modernizing classic tales to align with contemporary values and preserving the essence that made them timeless.

As the conversation unfolds, it highlights the deep divide in audience expectations and the potential repercussions of altering well-loved narratives.

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