‘Um, so I guess you’re training me’: Server’s POV Reveals Extra Workload with New Waitress on Board

In a recent POV skit, a server highlighted the additional responsibilities she undertakes when training a new waitress.

The skit portrays how seasoned employees can sometimes feel overwhelmed or even taken advantage of by newcomers.

Says Who?

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When the trainee, named Bailey, approaches the server, the latter’s expression clearly indicates her reluctance to play the mentor role.

Bailey innocently remarks, “Um, so I guess you’re training me,” to which the server retorts, “Says who?”

Throughout the skit, the server, named Quinn, directs Bailey, probes her with personal questions, and even mistakenly addresses her by a different name.

The Silver Lining

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Despite the initial resistance and comedic antics, the skit reveals a positive outcome. Having an extra set of hands proves beneficial, especially when it comes to the day’s earnings.

By the end of their shift, Quinn proudly shares, “I made $650 today.”

However, when Bailey inquires if she, being in training, would get a share of the tips, Quinn clarifies,

“No, y’all make hourly,” adding, “I believe it’s a crisp $7 an hour. We don’t really tip out because it’s not fair because you make hourly. But good luck to you!”

Public Reaction: A Mixed Bag

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The video, which has amassed over 1.5 million views, struck a chord with many servers.

Comments like “If this ain’t the truth,” and “the most accurate thing I have ever seen in my life” flooded the section.

Many resonated with the sentiment, with one user stating,

“I felt this in my soul. I have this same reaction to training.”

However, not all reactions were in agreement. Some believed in a more generous approach towards trainees.

One user, commented,

“I ALWAYS give my trainee half my tips. People are usually broke starting a new job and they did more than me anyway probably.”

Another user, shared a similar sentiment, “I be so glad to have a lil helper for the day.”

The Broader Conversation on Tipping Trainees

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The topic of tipping trainees in the service industry has long been a subject of debate and discussion. This isn’t the first time tipping trainees have been broached.

In fact, a conversation on Quora[1] delves into the practice of splitting tips between trainers and trainees, highlighting that the distribution of tips can vary widely based on the establishment’s policy.

Another server gained attention last year for pointing out that customers often tip more generously when she is accompanied by a trainee, even though her establishment doesn’t divide the tips.

This sentiment is further echoed in a Reddit discussion[2], where users share their experiences and policies regarding tipping trainees.

Such discussions emphasize the need for a broader conversation on tipping trainees to ensure fair compensation in the service industry.

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