12 Underrated Jobs That Deserve a Second Look

In a world where job titles often dictate the respect one commands, several underrated jobs offer great benefits, job security, and a decent salary.

Take a look into some of these jobs, shedding light on the unseen perks they offer. Let’s uncover the hidden gems in the job market!

1. The Custodian

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“I’m a custodian in an elementary school, and I have encountered two types of people. Those who know I make great money (for what I do at least, $30 CAD/hour), benefits, pension, dozens of paid sick days, weeks of paid vacation, and ironclad job security.Then some think it’s a s—-y, low pay meaningless job for the knuckle-dragging smooth brains who are dirty creepers. There is no in-between, but fortunately, it tends towards the former.”

In schools and offices, custodians are the unsung heroes, ensuring clean and hygienic environments. Enjoying benefits like good pay and job security, they sometimes even foster community well-being through initiatives such as setting up gyms.

2. Garbage Collectors

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“Garbage collectors make a decent living, in most cases, they have good benefits, and they are indispensable to society.”

Fit and indispensable: the garbage collectors. Running and lifting all day, they maintain the cleanliness of our cities. Their role is not just a job but a service to the community, often rewarded with decent pay and benefits.

3. Government Desk Jobs

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“Boring desk jobs with job security, ideally within a government agency. Good pay, some benefits, and very little actual work.”

While they might seem boring, desk jobs in government agencies offer good pay and benefits with very little actual work involved. These jobs provide a stable work environment, ideal for individuals who prefer a slower pace and value job security over a high-paced work environment.

4. Grocery Store Employees

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“If the pandemic taught me one thing it is that most essential workers are looked down upon and are paid a pittance for their important service. Out of all of those the Grocery store employees seemed to get it the worst and get the least in return.”

Meet the frontline warriors during the pandemic: grocery store employees. Despite facing societal underestimation, they ensured the availability of daily necessities, proving their role to be essential and irreplaceable in our society.

5. Fast Food Managers

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“Fast food manager. Not the best job obviously, but in an area where there isn’t a lot around unless you are highly educated it’s not as bad as everyone makes it to be. Once you get to management a lot of companies offer excellent benefits. Believe it or not.”

In areas with limited opportunities, becoming a fast food manager can be a viable career path. Many companies offer excellent benefits at the management level, debunking the myth that it’s a dead-end job.

6. Defense Attorneys

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“’Best’” may be the right term, but defense attorneys who represent obviously guilty clients get an unfair rap. Our justice system only functions if there is a zealous advocate for both sides, it requires it. Being a defense attorney requires you to fight your most challenging for your client regardless of whether you like them or think they’re innocent. The legal system can’t work if someone isn’t willing to do it, and people who are able to fulfill that function don’t deserve to additionally be demonized, their job is hard enough as it is.”

Defense attorneys often face criticism for representing clients perceived as obviously guilty. However, they ensure the justice system functions correctly, advocating zealously for both sides. Their role is indispensable, and they deserve respect for upholding the principles of justice.

7. Bartenders

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“Bartenders can easily make between 50 and 80k a year in almost any city in the US. And yet people making 30 or 40k think you need a ‘real’ job.”

Imagine earning between 50 and 80k a year while creating a vibrant atmosphere for patrons. Bartenders do just that, proving that a “real” job can indeed come with a spirited environment and a generous income.

8. Farmers

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“Farmers. A lot of my city friends think farmers are weird country folk who are too poor to afford the city life and like to hunt just for sport. In reality they are some of the hardest workers out there and they do a great job at keeping people fed.”

Far from just “country folk,” farmers are the hardworking individuals feeding nations. Their dedication goes beyond tilling lands, it’s about nurturing crops to sustain lives, a role deserving of respect and acknowledgment.

9. Hairdressers

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“Being a hairdresser was a pretty chill job. Good pay, very flexible hours, getting paid to basically chat with cool people all day while making them look good… the downside was how many people think it’s a job for idiots, or it can’t possibly be your career (‘but what ELSE are you going to do?’ Was a common question I got from people who heard I was going to beauty school), or you’re poor and struggling. One time a coworker of mine told a client she was taking her kid to some resort and the client goes ‘Oh wow. You can afford something like that just playing with hair??’”

Despite the misconceptions, being a hairdresser can be fulfilling, offering good pay and flexible hours. It is a profession of creativity and skill, far from being a job “for idiots.”

10. Auto Mechanics

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“Auto mechanics

My big brother was a genius in school. He received acceptance letters from big names. But, he turned them all down and chose to be a car mechanic instead. He even convinced my Mom of why he didn’t want to go to college in a very smart way.

‘Do you want me to become a Doctor, Lawyer or something? Because, supposedly they get paid a lot of money? Well, I don’t have any love for either of those majors. I love cars. It’s what I’m passionate about and have been doing (my dad is an Auto Mechanic and my big brother has been helping him since he was 4!) my entire life. Besides, did you know that when a rich person hires me to fix their car? I actually get paid double what a Doctor or Lawyer makes? Plus, I’d rather get paid for doing what I love.’”

Passion drives auto mechanics, many of whom turn down lucrative opportunities to pursue a career in what they love, sometimes earning more than conventional high-paying jobs.

11. Nonprofit Employees

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“Working for nonprofits. You’re literally paid to make the world a better place. It’s an incredible gift to be able to spend a career that way. If only people could also make a living doing it.”

Working in nonprofits isn’t just a job, it’s a mission to better the world. Despite the financial constraints, the joy derived from contributing positively to society is unparalleled, offering a fulfilling career path.

12. Early Childhood Educators

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“I work in early childhood education, specializing in infants and toddlers. I adore what I do, and I’m a f***–g rockstar at it.”

Specializing in infant and toddler education, these professionals play a crucial role in a child’s early development. Despite societal perceptions, many find immense satisfaction and pride in their work, shaping future generations.

In California, the median wage for childcare workers was $13.43 in 2019, a 4% increase from 2017.

Apart from the jobs mentioned above, people undertake numerous other roles, providing essential services silently and efficiently. These individuals deserve our respect and gratitude for their relentless service.

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