Clever & Simple Solution to Keep Sliced Apples Fresh

Apples are a beloved snack for kids and adults, but there’s nothing worse than reaching for a crisp, juicy apple only to find it has turned brown and unappetizing.

Well, fret not because a savvy mom has shared a ‘fantastic’ and simple hack to keep apples from browning, and it’s creating a buzz on social media.

A Mom’s Clever Solution

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In the age of social media, clever hacks and life-saving tips often surface, and one ingenious mom has found a way to prevent apples from browning using just two common ingredients. This genius idea was shared on Instagram by Claudia & Lauren.

The video begins with the mom displaying a bunch of fresh apples, setting the stage for her fantastic solution. She takes two cups of cold water and adds a teaspoon of sea salt into a bowl. “Stir to dissolve and set this aside,” she advises before chopping the apples into slices.

The magic happens when she places these apple slices into the bowl with the water and sea salt mixture.

“I’m telling you this is the ultimate be-all-end-all method,” she confidently declares. Her instructions are clear: soak the apple slices for five minutes, drain the bowl, and rinse the slices. Voilà!

You now have beautifully preserved apples that can be packed away for school lunches or served on a plate for your kids to enjoy immediately.

What the Community Thinks

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Like any viral idea, the social media community had plenty to say about this apple preservation hack. The comments section was abuzz with people expressing their thoughts and questions.

One hailed it as “fantastic,” and another commented, “Great idea for kids.” However, an interesting question arose: “Don’t the apples absorb the salt, making them high in sodium?” Claudia & Lauren responded,

“If you’re worried about the sodium content, then this may not be your method. I’d check with your doctor! But it’s not a ton of salt used, and you rinse it off.”

Some people even shared their preferences, with one mentioning they prefer “Himalayan pink salt” and expressing their love for having ready-to-grab-and-eat snacks.

To sum up, this clever apple preservation hack keeps your apples fresh and appealing and contributes to reducing food waste and its associated environmental impacts. It’s a simple yet effective way to ensure that your family can enjoy the wholesome goodness of apples without any reservations.

So, why try it and keep those apples looking as delicious as they taste?

A Simple Solution to Food Waste

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This ingenious hack serves a significant purpose beyond keeping your apples looking fresh and inviting. It helps prevent food waste, as many people, regardless of age, are often hesitant to eat brown apples, leading to them being discarded.

Shockingly, unconsumed produce contributes to up to 10% of all global carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

Additionally, food production can lead to deforestation, which has far-reaching environmental consequences. Trees play a crucial role in absorbing harmful pollutants, and when we lose them to deforestation, the atmosphere becomes laden with toxic gases, further contributing to climate change.

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