Utah Mom’s “How to Be a Person Camp” Teaches Kids Essential Life Skills

Teaching kids can be a delight. They are very impressionable, so adults have to be careful in whatever actions or words they say in front of children, so they don’t pick up anything that may be troublesome later.

Kaitlyn Rowe, a content creator from Utah, shared a fun little camp for her kids that teaches them skills that they will use later in life.

Summer camps are a blast for teaching kids educational and outdoor activities such as hiking, bonfires, maths and sciences, and also the arts. And they’re great. It preps helps them develop talents or prepare them for their future careers.

But sometimes, these summer camps are not doable for various reasons such as they’re expensive or a pandemic has not allowed any outdoor activities or close contact with other people. So, the “How to Be A Person Camp” is a great alternative.

What Is the “How to Be a Person Camp”

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According to Kaitlyn Rowe, the original idea was from fellow content creator mom Emily Ley. Ley did the “summer camp” for her kids during the Covid-19 lockdown to help keep her kids occupied and teach them some “age-appropriate independence.”

Borrowing from this idea, Rowe came up with a list of activities for her kids to do, much as if they are in an actual summer camp. She had separate lists for her 6 and 3-year-olds, and another list with things they both can do.

In her camp activities for her 3-year-old, she listed things such as how to make your bed, how to water the plants, how to say a prayer, and how to ask for help from an adult. While her 6-year-old had more complex tasks such as how to scramble an egg, how to trim your nails, how to wrap a gift, and how to use a knife properly.

The third list, intended for both of them, includes things such as how to brush/floss teeth well, how to talk on the phone, how to practice basic first aid, and how to fold a blanket.

“I love this idea!”

Parents in the comment section are loving the idea and are eager to try it out with additional things to do for their kids as well. One comment said, “I would add “how to check in at Dr/dentist, etc.” I love when kids come into my medical office and politely introduce themselves and say who their appointment is with. They always do great!”

Others praised this camp idea as a huge teaching moment for the kids. “As an early childhood teacher, I can’t tell you how many kids don’t know how to do these things! What a favor you’re doing by teaching them these skills.”

“There Are Many Ways to Be a Person”

There are a few comments that aim to make the idea more inclusive by renaming How To Be A Person. They said that it kind of perpetuates the idea that if you cannot do all those things then you’re not considered a real person.

Parents with kids with special needs wanted to make the name more inclusive by suggesting names such as How To Do the Important Stuff. Kaitlyn responds to the comments with grace and appreciates those who bring more perspective to their ideas.

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